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Fabulous Short Hairstyles for Long Face

16 Fabulous Short Hairstyles for Long Face - Pretty Desig

A correct hairstyle makes us look more beautiful and fabulous. If you are a girl with a long face, there are many hairstyles that suit you perfectly. From a cool layered pixie cut to a sleek, straight, long bob, you'll need to shorten your face, which is too long, and make it look like an oval shape. Let's take a ...

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Breezy Waves for Fall

20 Breezy Waves for Fall - Pretty Desig

What do you want for your long hair for this fall? Your answer must be waves. You look great in the breezy waves when the leaves fall and the cool wind blows. You don’t know what style to glam? Don’t worry. Prettydesigns will bring you 20 waves ideas to pair your fall look. Here are the ideas. They are pretty ...

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Stylish Hair Highlights

50 Stylish Highlighted Hairstyles for Black Hair 20

Have you ever tried the highlights of your hair? Fantastic The fantastic highlights give your hair and the overall look a chic touch. They illuminate all hairstyles in a minute. There are limitless possibilities with the hair highlights. You can only emphasize one or two strands of hair with colorful tones like blue, purple or pink to express your fashionable ...

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Long Hairstyles for Wedding

Essential Guide to Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair | Wedding Forwa

Everything that belongs to the wedding is both romantic and enchanting. Have you ever dreamed of your big day? What hair will you wear? What wedding dresses are you in? When it comes to wedding, girls find it exciting to think about. Today's publication is also about the wedding. It will show you many long hair designs for the wedding. ...

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Hairstyles with Deep Side Part

20 Stunning Deep Side Part Hairstyles - The Trend Spott

Have you ever pulled the bangs up and made a deep side part? Women's hair with a deep side part can show the beautiful face and emphasize her make-up. It appears that the side part is blown by the wind and stacked a little higher than the woman's forehead. The hairstyle is both feminine and vintage. Although it feels classic, ...

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French Braid Tutorials

How to Make French Braid Hairstyle Tutoria

What do your everyday hair look like? A braid, a bun or just a ponytail? Every girl wants to change a new look every day. Of course, girls won't be tired of styling a shiny and pretty look for themselves. You want to be beautiful and beautiful all the time. The post will give you some French braid tutorials. Although ...

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Casual Prom Hairstyles

Pin su ha

Casual prom hairstyles Maybe it should be easy, but these are both attractive and very sexy. In addition, you don't always have to invest time and hard work. This is the reason why these hairstyles are very popular among teenagers. To get the casual look, you can use bangs, strands of hair, buns, and ponytails, etc. Here are some casual ...

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High Fashion Celebrity Hairstyles 

15 High Fashion Celebrity Hairstyles 2016 - Pretty Desig

It's hard to keep up with exactly how our favorite stars wear their hair, especially when they seem to chop and change their appearance so regularly. If Rihanna is your image inspiration and you want to bring your photo to your salon to copy her look, it would make no sense if you could only view photos of her umbrella ...

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Stacked A-line Bob Haircuts

30 Stacked A-line Bob Haircuts You May Like - Pretty Desig

The stacked bob hairstyle is probably the most popular cut these days and won't go out of style. The stacked bob haircut gives you a fuller look and perfect volume at the back of the head. If your hair is naturally thick, an inverted bob removes the unwanted heaviness and provides enough movement. You can opt for sleek, smooth, and ...

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Short and Medium Hairstyles

60 Classy Short Haircuts and Hairstyles for Thick Ha

Are you looking for refreshing hairstyles for this summer? Then this post is specially written for you. Today I'm giving you 15 trendy ideas for short and medium hairstyles to give you a stylish look for this season. For girls who have thin hair with medium length, you can opt for the hairstyle with a length. It can give your ...

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