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Amazing Chanel Nail Polishes for Spring

Chanel's women's products can always remind me of the story of its founder Coco Chanel. I saw two films about Coco Chanel. Although I forget the names of the films, I cannot forget the story they told. After watching the films, I know more about Coco Chanel and what she did for fashion. Coco Chanel insists on her own view of fashion and her taste for women's clothing that will later be loved by women around the world.

The Coco Chanel company continues to lead the fashion group. His polishes also play an important role in women's fashion. Today's post will introduce you to some of the Chanel nail colors. You can use all of these amazing colors to create your nail art for a colorful spring.

Look at her!


Golden via

Purple over

Chanel Infidèle on

Naked over

Tendresse about

Green above

Red over

Glitter pink over

Cassis over

Chanel May over

3D Flower Nail Designs

Do you love flowers Have you ever painted a floral nail art? Today's post offers you many beautiful nail designs, 3D flower nail designs. The designs make a sassier flower nails. We are sure that you girls will adore them.

In the post you will find dozens of beautiful 3D flower nail designs. Some of them are occupied. Others are painted in different colors. You will also find various designs and floral patterns. You can't say what the flowers are really called, but you will definitely love the beautiful pattern.

Get busy right away and create one of the designs we introduce to you. I hope you have a nice manicure for the season.

Red nails with white rose above

3D yellow flower nails over

Pink flower nails over

Black and white nail art about

Stylish 3D nails over

Animal print with flowers over

Romantic 3D nails over

3D flower nails over

Bare nails with flowers over

Blue nails over

3D nail art about

Simple 3D nail art about

Cute nail art via

Purple nails over

Easy and Creative Nail Ideas

Would you like to do the manicure and create the beautiful nails? Here you will find 15 simple and creative nail ideas. They can suit everyone and so many occasions. In addition, they are easy if you follow the tutorials step by step. Check out these 15 simple and creative nail ideas and have these stunning polishes. What you need to do is take patience and time. Show your imagination and creativity while painting the nails. We hope you can keep up with the latest nail arts. Enjoy!

Retro fashion nail art

Retro fashion nail art about

Hippo Nail Art

Hippo nail art about

Amazing foil nail art

Amazing foil nail art about

Bats nail art

Bats nail art via

Metallic nail art

Metallic nail art about

Shoes nail art

Shoes nail art via

Leopard nail art

Leopard nail art about

Fashionable pattern nail art

Fashionable pattern nail art about

Trio Nail Art

Trio nail art about

Heart shape nail art

Heart shape nail art via

Neon nail art

Neon nail art

Pointed nail art

Lace nail art over

Two-tone nail art

Two-tone nail art

Polka nail art

Polka nail art about

Graphic nail art

Graphic nail art about

Stamping Nail Designs

Have you ever tried stamping nail designs? If you answer NO, you can read today's post. It's all about stamping nail art ideas. In the post you will find many stylish and pretty designs for your nail art.

Just stay with us and you will get more pretty designs for nail art. Today's post contains many thematic stamp nails. They can be painted for many occasions, such as a birthday party, a cocktail party … From cute stamp nails to cool stamp nails, the post will not disappoint. You will always find what you need in our article.

Do not hesitate to take a look at the post and make new punching pins for the season.

White nails over

Stamp nails over

Ombre nails over

Gold nails over

Black and white nails over

Chevron nails over

Pink nails over

Yellow nails over

Sweet nails over

Flower nails over

Pretty nails over

Red nails over

Pastel nails over

Rose nails over

Black stamp nails over

Stunning Neon Nail Designs to Rock

Would you like your nails to glow in the dark? If you do, you can choose one of the shiny nail arts, neon nail designs. Neon nail arts are always pretty and fresh for girls. You can give any outfit and occasion an ultra-cheeky look.

Today's post will introduce you to some stunning neon nail designs. It is worth reading because it shows a lot of creative nail art for you divas. In addition, Swiss Post picked up simple neon nail designs for beginners to ensure that all girls can enjoy the ideas for creating neon nail art.

Just look at the post. Paint a neon nail art for your summer nights!

Green and yellow nails over

Pretty neon nails over

Floral and leopard print nails over

Neon nails over

Ombre nails over

Yellow neon nails over

Yellow and blue nails over

Yellow and gray nails over

Sweet nails over

Neon pink and neon yellow nails over

Stylish neon nails over

Yellow, black and white nails over

Trendy nails over

Chevron nails over

Neon rainbow nails over

Charming Burgundy Nails

The darker shades are now becoming a trend. We love Burgundy a lot because of its importance, sexy, hot, deep and dangerous. Burgundy is the best shade for women who are glamorous in different styles. The burgundy colored nails look vital and beautiful, so that every girl can polish them.

Here we take some burgundy colored nails to choose from. They are cute, pretty, and elegant. If you want to choose the burgundy for your nails, try the following nail polishes. Get inspired!

The varnish combines burgundy clay with black fishnet. It gives the nails an ultra-beautiful look.

Fishnet over

Simple dark red
Although it is dipped in a simple dark red, it looks sexy.

Simple dark red over


They are cute and soft.


Glittering nails
The glittering coats are applied to the burgundy coat. The polish creates a luxurious atmosphere.

Glittering nails over

Pretty nails
They are so pretty with a burgundy hue.

Pretty nails over

Dark red and metallic
Some metallic elements can spice up the red base color.

Dark red and metallic via

Splitter cobwebs
Splinter cobwebs are painted on the burgundy-colored nails. The nail polish is the best for Halloween

Splinter cobwebs over

Golden and red

The golden colors are stylish on the red nails.

Golden and red over

flower colors
The white flower colors and the basic color go so well together.

Flower colors about

Bright red and golden
The golden glitter is like stars scattered across the red sky.

Bright red and golden over

The shiny gemstones emphasize the red hue more.

Gems over

Golden flowers
It is so smart for you to combine red nails with golden flowers.

Golden flowers

Metallic gold flowers
This time, red nails, gemstones and golden flowers combine to create an elegant look.

Metallic gold flowers over

Red and pale purple

The mixed color creates a soft atmosphere.

Red and pale purple

The nail polish is like fire.

Marble red over

Burgundy roses

The burgundy roses are charming and stylish on the white nail polish.

Burgundy roses over

Red and black
The nail polish creates a dangerous feeling.

Red and black

Sequins fall freely on the nails.

Sequins over

The white tip is painted on the red nails and is cute and cheeky.

Tip over

The nail polish is reminiscent of the delicate chocolate.

Ox blood over

drip nails
The nails are replicated as the terrible pictures in the film.

drip nails

Ways to Make Colorful Nails With Scotch Tape

Would you like to have perfect nails to complement your new suit? For those girls who love beauty, there are different ways to teach us how to do it instead of going to the professionals. It may take a long time, but practice makes perfect. So work with our 12 ways to make colorful nails with tape!

Duct tape can help us get a fabulous geometric shape for our nail designs. It is an important technique to create the perfect color combination in a solid form and to achieve the contrasting color block effect. You can also make other beautiful patterns with the tape like stars, stripes, diamonds and plaid. And all of these patterns would look nicer with different colors.

If you want to try something attractive and impressive, experiment with contrasting bright colors. You will be surprised by the final effect. But if you want to look beautiful, just choose the sugary pastel colors. You will make your nails look really pretty.

Black and Gold Scotch Nail Art over

Color block above

Color block above

Color block for nail design over

Enchanced Scotch Nail Art over

Black Scotch Nail Art over

Green Scotch Nail Art over

Red Scotch Nail Art over

Scotch nail art about

Marked scotch nail art over

Striped Scotch Nail Art via

White Scotch Nail Art over

Amazing Nail Tutorials

I don't think you will miss today's post as it will be useful for you to polish great nails when you attend your next event. There are 15 DIY nail tutorials that are doomed to shine on you. You can be wild if you choose the tarnails, or you can be beautiful if you choose marble nails and flower nails. Besides, you won't spend much on polishing, but you will have amazing nails.

Try them out now and be inspired!

Camo nails
The camouflage nails bring a wild mood and give us an opportunity to hide in the dense jungle.

Camo Nails over

animal print
The animal print never disappears from our eyes. No matter what color the leopard is, it is pretty and sexy as always.

Animal print about

jewelry nails
No woman can refuse the sparkling things.

Decorative nails over

marble nails
The marble nails are pretty by being painted in multiple colors.

Marble nails over

Black and white
It is a simple nail polish for every girl, as it does not need so many colors, but black and white.

Black and white over

autumn leaves
When polishing the nails, you should carefully paint the autumn leaves to get the beautiful leaves.

Fall leaves over

Trendy nails
The trend is to polish the irregular shapes on the nails.

Trendy nails over

Ombre nails
When talking about fashion, you can't miss the ombre nails and ombre hairstyles.

Ombre nails over

Colorful nails
The colored nails include purple polish, pink polish and white polish. The polish creates a comfortable look.

Colorful nails over

Funny nails

Neon green paint is so cute when you paint a picture like this.

Funny nails over

You can have such an adorable musical note whether you love music or not.

Grades above

Cartoon nails
I love sponge breasts so much and can't wait to paint his big smile on my nails.

Cartoon nails over

Flower nails
How stylish they are!

Flower nails over

Stylish nails

Though a bit sophisticated, it will be shiny and cheeky after you've taken your patience.

Stylish nails over

Rainbow Nails
If you have rainbow polish, why not apply it to your nails.

Rainbow nails over

Bloody Hot Red Nails for Women

Women always want their nails to look pretty and fun. So they have to go to nail salons every month. All kinds of nail art kits and many decorations will do you a big favor. Some women may like the classic style, while others may want their nails to look beautiful and cute. If you are the one who likes the classic style then the red nails are your perfect option for you. Today let's take a look at 16 damn red nails with our fantastic pictures below!

Red nails look so shiny and beautiful compared to other colored nails. You can wear red nails on almost any occasion, especially for an evening or a party. I bet your dress will look more glamorous with our damn hot red nails. If you want your red nails to look special, you can incorporate different patterns like polka dots or stripes into your red nail designs, as well as some glitter and gems.

Striped red nails Pinterest

Sparkly Red Nails Pinterest

Red leopard print nails Pinterest

Red nails for French Manicure Pinterest

Pokla dotted red nails Pinterest

Patterned red nails Pinterest

Amazing red nails Pinterest

Amazing red stiletto nails Pinterest

Nautical red nails Pinterest

Matte Red Nails Pinterest

Beautiful heart shaped red nails Pinterest

Hot red nails Pinterest

Glamorous red nails Pinterest

Black and red nails for French Manicure Pinterest

Glittering red nails Pinterest

Striped red nails Pinterest

Pointy Nail Ideas

Do you want to have a great nail art for a new season? Do not hesitate to read today's great nail ideas in the post. The post offers some of the newest and most stylish stiletto nail art ideas to every girl who wants to change a look for the nails. In fact, the pointed nails fit every girl and give the girls a sexy and elegant look.

If you have never tried the top nail art, you can simply follow our contribution and be inspired. You can also enjoy the fun that nail art offers. You can experience stiletto nail art with different colors and different designs. Try them out now and show your pointed nail art with confidence.

Black pointy nails

White pointy nails

Deep pink pointed nails

Red pointy nails

Naked pointy nails

Orange pointy nails

Splinter pointed nails

Green pointy nails

Two-tone nails

Stylish nails

Colorful pointed nails

Pretty sharp nails

Simple printing of pointed nails

Letters pointy nails

Kiss design nails