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Acrylic Nail Designs

61 Acrylic Nail Designs For Fall and Winter | Prom nails, Coffin .

This blog covers various acrylic nail designs, starting with cute and simple rainbow styles. The second video shows how to apply black lace on nails, and the last video is a gallery of amazing designs for special occasions! I hope there is something for everyone here: Rainbow design on a white base The first design can be done on French ...

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Lovely Cartoon Themed Nails for the Week

Wedding Theme - Lovely Cartoon Themed Nails For The Week #2566550 .

The post shows you some nice nail designs with cartoon motifs. These nail designs are inspired by the Disney cartoons. You can make people happy and take their favorite cartoon pictures into custody. If you want to paint a nail art to remember your favorite Disney picture, you'll find plenty of ideas in today's post. In fact, it is not ...

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Nail Tutorials with Glitter

80 Awesome Glitter Nail Art Designs You'll Love | Glitter nail art .

Do you know how to flaunt your manicure? One way is to use enough glitter. Today's post shows you how to use the following tutorials to create a glitter nail art. Trust us! You will be brilliant after following the post. It is very easy for you to deal with nail art. See the links for more details. Stay with ...

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Colorful Nails for Summer

23 Colorful Nail Art Designs That Scream Summer | StayGl

It's good to make everything colorful in summer. It is time to shine under the sun. Whether your outfits or shoes, they should be colorful to enchant a summer look. Of course, your nails should also be colorful for the season. Today we are going to introduce some stylish and colorful nails. We don't think you will miss it. Why ...

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Ways to Make DIY Water Marble Nail Looks

18 Ways to Make DIY Water Marble Nail Looks - Pretty Desig

There is a special nail design for girls that allows you to use as many colors as you want – the water marble nail design. It looks very beautiful with its magical textures and movements on the nails. You can create them yourself after a step-by-step tutorial. This takes your time and patience. Check out 18 ways today to create ...

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Delicate Lace Nail Designs

17 Delicate Lace Nail Designs for 2014 - Pretty Desig

Since the top trend is so hot this season, just try it on our nails. It will look wonderful if you add a lace pattern to your nail designs. Today I'm going to show you 17 delicate lace nail ideas that will give you a totally fashionable look in 2014! Lace patterns always show women glamorous and refined. So if ...

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Fabulous Sponge Nail Art Designs

40+ Fabulous Gradient Nail Art Designs | Sponge nail art, Rainbow .

We all love perfect nail designs, but sometimes it is so difficult to find a new look for our nails. I would like to recommend an interesting technique for applying your polishes – the sponge nails. The sponge helps you get different effects on your nails, and they look effortlessly cool. Today, let's take a look at 13 Fabulous Sponge ...

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Wonderful Nails You Have to Try This Season

17 Wonderful Nails You Have to Try This Season - Pretty Desig

It seems that nail art designs are playing an increasingly important role in women's fashion trends. They've already become a big deal for fashion girls this season. Are you thinking of getting a fresh look for the hot weather? Then try our 17 beautiful nails. I bet you will be amazed by their great looks and design. Here you will ...

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Simple Nail Art Tutorials

25 Simple Nail Art Tutorials For Beginne

Would you like to have your nails polished quickly and easily? If you say "yes", you will love today's post, which has lots of tutorials on simple nail art. Although the nail arts are simple, they are pretty and adorable. They are the best for beginners and those who don't want to spend too much time polishing nails. Nail art ...

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Amazing Nail Design Ideas for Girls

Awesome Summer Nail Art Designs & Ideas For Girls 2013 | Girlsh

I don't think any girl could resist the beautiful nail designs for your trendy look. However, because fashion is always changing so quickly, we have to be informed about the latest nail trends every season. Today I want to show you 13 amazing nail design ideas with their helpful tutorials below. I hope they give you inspiration for your next ...

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