15 Photos of Sparkly Shoes for a Glamorous Party Lo

Glamorous Party Shoes

In our daily life we ​​were invited to all kinds of parties or gatherings. Most of the time, we pay a lot of attention to our hairstyles, clothing and makeup, but we can be completely degraded by wearing an inappropriate pair of shoes. In other words, a pair of decent shoes perfect a stunning look. If you're not sure which pair of shoes to wear, just read this article. We have selected the top 6 beautiful shoes for you. Each of them can easily make you an eye-catcher. You will surely fall in love with these cute party shoes.

Qupid Ravish-02 Floral ankle strap almond toe stiletto pump

Side view of the floral ankle strap almond toe stiletto pump

Side view of the floral ankle strap almond toe stiletto pump

Front view of the floral ankle strap almond toe stiletto pump

The moment you step out with this stiletto pump, wherever you are, whatever you wear, you bloom there. With a floral print, one of the most popular fashionable items today, and the almond tip, the pump is already very attractive. The hidden platform prevents your feet from getting wet and makes you taller. Don't worry, you won't feel uncomfortable as there is a lightly padded insole. The ankle strap is adjustable so you can give the shoes a different look by removing the strap.

Privileged Anouk two-tone sequin almond toe stiletto pump

Side view of the privileged Anouk Two Tone Sequined Almond Toe Stiletto Pump

Rear view of the privileged Anouk Two Tone Sequined Almond Toe Stiletto Pump

This dazzling stiletto pump with a mixed color of black and gold is absolutely eye-catching on every occasion. It is decorated with sequin fabric throughout. The hidden platform and the scooped vamp make your beautiful legs look even longer. Thanks to the high platform and the lightly padded insole, you won't get tired, even though the pump has such a high heel. If you are a beetle crusher, the almond cloves also have the visual effect of making your feet oh so small.

Qupid Psyche-47A hologram pump with round toe platform

Side view of the hologram round toe platform pump

Front view of the round toe hologram platform

Build an elegant image with this subtle yet breathtaking party pump. The shoes feature an advanced hologram upper and an easy-slide style. The color of the champagne is classic and fabulous in itself and the apparently conservative round toe pump shows its message through the metallic accents on the platform. With this well-designed pump, you will definitely look decent. It is a wise choice to combine this stiletto with any clothing that is difficult to wear.

Qupid Monte-08 Ombre plateau pump with floral lace

Side view of the Flora Lace Ombre Platform Pump

Rear view of the Floral Lace Ombre Platform Pump

Almost every beautiful woman in every place likes everything that is decorated with lace. These shoes are only inspired by this adorable thought. The pretty black flower tip covers the entire pump with pink as the basic tone, with the exception of the heel, which is ombre and as clear as the crystal shoes. The tip meets the pink so dreamily that every sweet heart yearns for a pair of fairy shoes like this. Once you own it, you will be the most beautiful princess in the world.

Wild Diva Lounge Sonny-113 Pointed Peep Toe Platform Pump

Side view of the Wile Diva Lounge Sonny-113 Peep Toe Platform Pump with lace

Front view of the Wile Diva Lounge Sonny-113 Peep Toe Platform Pump with lace

Here is another enviable pump with a tip. This pair of shoes is more stylish than the one mentioned above. The cheeky pumps have a peep-toe front and are cream-colored with floral lace fabrics in the same color, which cover the entire body including the delicate heel. What attracts me the most is the back of the upper, which is intentionally shaped like petals. This pump shows different fascination with different garments. You can be a beautiful Snow Maiden princess with a beautiful dress, or you can be an adorable goddess with fashionable clothes.

Violetta Platform Pump for women by Badgley Mischka

Side view of the Violetta platform of the Badgley Mischka women pump side

Back view of the Violetta Platform Pump by Badgley Mischka Women

These fabulous stiletto pumps look so edgy and flirtatious in the raspberry stain. A touch of elegance has been applied to the peep toe front and the scooped and arched vamp. The delicate ankle strap looks delicate with the metallic buckle closure. The heel is on fire with sparkling rhinestones that cover it everywhere. Though the platform isn't that high, you can still try the shoes if you're used to high-heeled pumps. Simply show your confidence and beauty with these high-key pumps.

With every pair of these beautiful shoes, you will become a radiant party queen. They deserve admiration and can no doubt stand in the spotlight.

Celebrities’ Chic Platform Sandals

platform sandals are stylish and modern. Under the platform sandals, open platform sandals with square toes are simple but wearable. With open, square platform sandals you can be enchanted with either jeans or a dress. From street looks to party looks, the open sandal with square toes is the best choice. They can be combined with any outfit. Don't worry that they're too easy to shine. In fact, celebrities shine as brightly as possible in these chic platform sandals.

Don't hesitate to spice up your wardrobe by adding a pair of open, square platform sandals. Here are some open, square toe sandals from celebrities.

Platform sandals by Anna Faris

Anna Faris in her sandals

Anna Faris wears silver and gold platform sandals for her red carpet. Shoes shine everywhere during the premiere of "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2".

Anna Trebunskaya's platform sandals

Anna Trebunskaya chooses bare platform sandals for her red carpet look at the Live Love Spa event. The shoes are open, square platform sandals with ankle straps. They are chic because of the crossing straps.

Emilia Clarke's platform sandals

Emilia Clarke in her sandals

Emilia Clarke chooses white platform sandals with gold, chunky heels during the Elle Women. They have ankle straps. They are not only comfortable, but also stylish.

Hailee Steinfeld's platform sandals

Hailee Steinfeld in her sandals

Hailee Steinfeld rocks her platform sandals at the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party. The sandals are two-tone with black and white printing on the back. The ankle straps create a cheeky atmosphere.

Gwyneth Paltrows platform sandals

Gwyneth Paltrow in her sandals

Gwyneth Paltrow combines her white dress with platform sandals at the premiere of "Thanks for Sharing". There are three colors, black, brown and white. The colors spice up her white dress very much. It looks classic.

Platform sandals by Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning keeps it fresh and pretty with dark blue platform sandals. The sandals can increase the height and bring a nice look.

Lucy Liu's platform sandals

Lucy Liu in her sandals

Lucy Liu's platform sandals are black with ankle straps. She looks so chic on the "Elementary" panel during the PaleyFest in the sandals.

Super Chic Sneakers for Autumn

A fashionista always catches the attention of others through outsider disguise styles. As autumn approaches, fashionistas are turning to sneakers and making sure they are still trendy this season. Here are some super chic sneakers especially for these stylish pioneers. If you don't want to be left behind, read the trend information.

Liliana Sue-20-A leopard zipper high top wedge sneaker

Side view of the Leopard Zipper high top wedge sneaker

Back view of the Leopard Zipper high top wedge sneaker

Front view of the Leopard Zipper high top wedge sneaker

Only the nervous person reaches for the sneakers with a metallic shield accent on the wedge heel. That's great! The upper material with round toe and leopard pattern in velvet structure makes the sneakers so elaborate. In addition, the padded insole and tongue provide comfort when you step out with these sneakers.

Qupid Mohawk-01 Jelly Leopard lace-up shoe

Side view of the Jelly Leopard lace-up sneaker

Front view of the Jelly Leopard lace-up sneaker

Back view of the Jelly Leopard lace-up sneakers

The mixture of leopard pattern and jelly texture gives the sneakers a cheeky atmosphere that stands out from the cream-colored toe cap. The lacing design and simple slip-on style make it affordable for the youth. Just dazzle the sidewalk with this pair of adorable sneakers.

Privileged Harkins camouflage lace-up shoes with less wedges

Side view of the Camouflage Lace Up Heels Less Curved Wedge sneakers

Front view of the Camouflage Lace Up Heels Less Curved Wedge sneakers

Rear view of Camouflage Lace Up Heels Less Curved Wedge sneakers

Create a fantastic look with these oddly shaped sneakers. The closure with two straps and the lacing at the front enrich the sneakers with the camouflage pattern, which is a timeless fashion. In addition to the popular round toe and canvas upper, the chunky platform and curved wedge heel also make the sneakers unusual. You can choose this pair of sneakers for a cool-chic look.

Privileged Vengeance Metallic Pyramid Chain lace-up sneakers with rivets

Side view of the Metallic Pyramid Chain Lace Up Wedge Sneakers with rivets

Front view of the Metallic Pyramid Chain Lace Up Wedge Sneakers with rivets

Rear view of metallic pyramid chain lace up wedge sneakers with rivets

Put your style on the top with this bright wedge sneaker. The golden sneakers are definitely striking with the collar design studded with metal pyramids and the lacing at the front. The easily adjustable buckle strap closure perfects the upper material of the sneakers. The whole sneak is sewn and the high platform is hidden in it. Your comfort is also guaranteed by the padded insole.

Privileged Whistle Studded Leopard Platform Sneaker

Side view of the Studded Leopard Platform sneaker

Rear view of the Studded Leopard Platform sneaker

Front view of the Studded Leopard Platform Sneaker

Make your fashion statement with these stunning platform sneakers. In addition, you don't have to worry about your feet getting wet when you're romping around with such a high platform. The spiky rivets and stars shine with the golden upper material. The leopard print shows a touch of wild seduction and rebellion. All of this makes the sneakers excellent.

Bamboo Bethany-07 stripe lace-up sneaker

Side view of the Stripe Lace Up Wedge sneaker

Front view of the Stripe Lace Up Wedge sneaker

Rear view of the Stripe Lace Up Wedge sneaker

Tired of those dark colors? Let's change our fashion diet. The color of the mint leaves an impression of purity and freshness. The lacing at the front and the sewing accent make the sneakers so quick. It also has a wedge heel and a lightly padded insole that makes walking more comfortable and convenient. As soon as you wear these sneakers, you will be amazingly carefree due to the beautiful bright color.

With the 6 super chic sneakers everyone can be beautiful and stylish. You can choose these brilliant ones, or you can opt for these agile ones. Just rock the sidewalk and show off your unique fashion style when you go out.

Tom Ford’s Padlock Pumps

Tom Ford's padlock pumps

As we all know, there are so many famous people who fell head over heels in love with Tom Ford's smoky clothing style, just like Hallo Gwyneth Paltrow in white. But here is great news for his fans. His talented designer entered the footwear area with his gold t-strap wedge sandals that sparked a brand new Tom Ford shoe obsession in Hollywood, though it will cost $ 1,100.

If you're wondering how glamorous it looks, just ask Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez. Whether with a white Chanel lace dress, a red, figure-hugging Hakaan scabbard or a light blue pencil skirt made of leather – it will look stunning on every occasion.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Kim Kardashian

Ingenious Boot Trends Inspired From New York Fashion Week Runways

I think there are so many boat fans in the world and today I'm going to bring you a big piece of news that comes from the catwalks at Fashion Week. It seems that next fall our boots will be edgier and cooler with so many modern designs like futuristic elements and innovative mashups. Do you like this trend and will you join in autumn 2014?

Nikki Mule-Boot-Midcalf-Boot-Hybrid

This is an ingenious combination of mule and calf boots from Nikki. You must have been impressed by the ultra-futuristic laser-cut front.

Derek Lam optimized the buckle wrap detail and architectural heel

If you want a pair of slouchy boots, this Derek Lam bare boots will meet your needs exactly. In addition, you can optimally design the game with the streamlined buckle closure and the architectural heel.

Opening ceremony cool kid tracksuit zipper detail boots

This season, the opening ceremony surprised us with a zip-up tracksuit.

Rag & Bone Baggy Silhouette Candy Red Rain Boots

Rag & Bone always flattered us with his super nice candy boots with a transformative baggy silhouette.

Tommy Hilfiger vintage cowboy boots

If you want it easy, just take Tommy Hilfigers vintage camel suede cowboy boots with green trim over the edge.

3.1 Phillip Lim Victorian button-up detail with an 80s envelope

3.1 Phillip Lim reminded us of the Victorian retro style with an 80s fold-over and a millennial block.

Ways for You to Makeover the Sneakers

Did you forget to put the old sneakers in the corner of the room? It's time to pick them up and redesign them, as you may need a pair of sneakers to prepare for the beautiful spring. Wash the sneakers and prepare them for an amazing change. Today's post shows you how to transform old shoes into new ones.

You can print pictures on the shoes or add some glitter to them. When you have finished the DIY sneakers, you will be surprised and lucky that you did not throw away the dirty shoes. Get busy in no time and give the sneakers a new look.
Studded sneakers

Studded sneakers

Print sneakers

Print sneakers

Neon orange sneakers

Neon orange sneakers

Zebra sneakers

Zebra sneakers

Simple sneakers

Simple sneakers

Colored sneakers

Colored sneakers

Sneakers with a stylish print

Sneakers with a stylish print

Black sneakers with rings

Black sneakers with rings

Lace sneakers

Lace sneakers

Sneakers with dots

Sneakers with dots

Ombre sneakers

Ombre sneakers

Top Fashion Trends You should Try for Spring

Nobody wants to lag behind the trends. Follow us and make a forecast for your spring wardrobe. The following ten trends should be chosen to get a trendy look this season. Look at her!


Top 10 trends for this season: Orchid Pattern
The orchid or the floral prints are always there to give you a feminine and graceful look. Whether on skirts or tops, they are always breathtaking.

Top 10 trends for this season: Orchid Pattern

Top 10 trends for this season: Fantastic Fringe
The edge is great to create a romantic and carefree picture. They are sexy and still cute! Women young or old are all fantastic with the edge.

Top 10 trends for this season: Fantastic Fringe

Top 10 trends for this season: Pleats Please
The pleated skirt is a must for elegant women. The pleated skirts are flowing and soft, which leaves an impression of tenderness and gentleness.

Top 10 trends for this season: Pleats Please

Top 10 trends for this season: At first glance
A smart accessory can make your look shine. Combine your outfits with hats or hats to get a different look! That's cool!

Top 10 trends for this season: At first glance

Top 10 trends for this season: sporty
Sporty fashion can be stylish if you try out some suits with delicate designs. You will shine wherever you are.

Top 10 trends for this season: sporty

Top 10 trends for this season: hand-painted
I like hand-painted patterns. They are chic and unique. They transform all basic designs into stylish versions. They are the best choice for younger women.

Top 10 trends for this season: hand-painted

Top 10 trends for this season: mules
A pair of fascinating mules will take you wherever you want to go. You will feel comfortable and look pretty fashionable at the same time.

Top 10 trends for this season: mules

Top 10 trends for this season: Cool culottes
Culottes are best for mature women to get a feminine yet refined look. That is so cool!

Top 10 trends for this season: Cool culottes

Top 10 trends for this season: sensitive shoes
A good pair of correct shoes will make your overall impression look completely different. Buy some shoes for this season with smart designs that offer both comfort and style.

Top 10 trends for this season: sensitive shoes

Top 10 trends for this season: Going Gingham
If comfort is all you want, try the gingham blouses or dresses. They certainly ensure a pleasant feeling and a simple but trendy look.

Top 10 trends for this season: Going Gingham

Christian Louboutin Bridal Collection

Louboutins was born in 1992 and in so many years has made countless girls dream of becoming Cinderella. Although Louboutins doesn't have a pumpkin trainer, he recognizes girls' imaginations as princess and without having to pray for a pair of crystal shoes. Louboutins will present it for you. For the wedding, Louboutin has launched its stylish and admirable bridal collection to beautify your wedding.

These beautiful and elegant looks are so unique that only Louboutin can present them for you. They sparkle on your feet and make you a real princess that your guests, especially your friends, will admire. If a pair of delicate Louboutins shoes is waiting for someone, who cares about the pale ones who hide behind their wedding dress? Add Louboutins with jeweled and classy, ​​delicate pumps to make your wonderful wedding dream come true. Louboutin's unique and distinctive design has taken this bridal collection to a new level. With a bow on top of the shoes, they are well prepared to make you the most beautiful bride.

Do you feel depressed that you don't like to bling? Do not worry! Check out the white ankle strap shoe, which is less in the spotlight and also available in black. This collection also contains some subtle options for you. They will get you to get a new wedding dress to show off your shoes as much as possible. Although most of them in this collection are open styles, these pointed and rounded ones are also full equivalents. Ranging from white, black, metallic silver and blue to many others, they combine colors with all kinds of shapes and designs. Take the white leather, for example, it is neat, elegant and definitely in the Louboutin style. More considerate than you imagine, too high heels could embarrass your back wedding dress when you walk in the hallway. This collection presents simpler and more comfortable in 2 to 3 inch high heels. Louboutin has a thoughtful consideration for everyone to get their favorites. Why don't you put them on and let them beat up your wedding?

Platform pump: amazing blue

Peep-toe pump: dazzlingly elegant

Peep Toe Pump: Lights up cool

Peep toe pump: classy and elegant

Peep Toe Pump: light purple

Slip-back pump: sensitive

separate pump: sweetly elegant

Peep Toe Pump: light purple

Peep Toe Pump: cozy and colorful

pointed white pump

pointed glare pump

light purple, rounded pump

Peep toe pump with bow

cute white peep toe pumps

Platform pump: elegant and stylish

Great Boots for Winter

Boots are not only great equipment to protect us from the cold in winter, but also a necessary accessory for a fashionable look on these cool days. Many famous designers have presented their great boots. You shouldn't miss them, especially the beauties with good-looking legs. Follow me now to take a look at these trendy designs and get some fashion tips that will be popular this winter.

Dark colors, especially black, are the dominant colors in winter. I think it's a good idea to take a look at these dark boots first.

The Prada riding boots are characterized by the eye-catching metal logo on the outside. The strapped strap around the ankle styles the boot in a minimal way. It's a super clean design as a whole.

Prada logo leather riding boots

This Christian Louboutin suede harness boot is unique in appearance. The belt fittings scale the leg and the unrestricted edge is paired in streamlines with suede.

Christian Louboutin Harness-Leather Harness Boot

It is generally believed that boots treat the legs strictly. If your legs are fat or short, you'd better run away from the boots. However, this highland boot upset the thought. The stretchy suede adapts to the shape of your leg and offers a pleasant feeling with a passionate modern style.

Stuart Weitzman Highland Stretchy Over The Knee Boots, black

Dark boots can be more stylish if they get bright colors. The Tom Ford boots dye the calf hair in purple and black ombre. They appear different when you look from different sides.

Rear view of Tom Ford Ombre calf hair over the knee boots

Side view of the Tom Ford Ombre calf hair over the knee boot

The Christian Louboutin Botalili suede platform boots in blue are simple and yet unique. The structural silhouette and stiletto heel create a pair of wonderful boots that are pretty and comfortable.

Christian Louboutin Botalili Suede Platform Red Sole Boots, Blue

Check out this folding boot. The great piece of folding cuff is definitely an eye-catcher.

See Chloe Fold-Over Suede Mid-Calf Boot, Navy

How cool is this pair of boots! The combination of leopard pattern and velvety texture makes the boots oh so chic. The stretchable back fits all leg shapes.

Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots in suede with leopard print, smoke

To wake up the sleepy winter, we should get a pair of boots in bright colors.

Leather and suede are a lavish combination. The color is light and when you get off with these boots you need to have a light mood.

Tory Burch Lizzie leather and suede riding boots

Red is one of the biggest colors for women. Christian Louboutin Acheval boots with suede backs instantly enhance your glamor with such an attractive color and a super chic leopard print on the back.

Christian Louboutin Acheval knee boots with suede back

The geometric patchwork fur over the knee boot by Tom Ford is very distinctive with its distinctive appearance. The tapered heel is so interesting. The purple tone-on-tone dyed astrakhan and the patchwork upper for calf hair bring you effortlessly into the spotlight.

Side view of Tom Ford Geometric Patchwork Fur over the knee boots

Tom Ford Geometric Patchwork Fur Over The Knee Boots

It's not hard to find that dark-colored boots are still the dominant trend. Still, you can still be fabulously trendy if you prefer boots in bold, bright colors. That will surely add more wonderful notes to you.

Versatile Silver Shoes for Every Outfit

We know that a pair of good shoes is very important for a stylish outfit. Even if you've put on beautiful clothes, your final look with a pair of wrong shoes will look strange and not as good. Why not prepare a pair of versatile shoes that effortlessly go with any outfit in your wardrobe? Here is a good suggestion for you. The next time you buy new shoes, just choose a pair of silver shoes for you.

Silver is a trendy and classic color. It doesn't seem too far yet. A pair of silver shoes is suitable for every occasion, from the street to the party and from home to the office. There are many options for you. To be casual, you can wear the silver flats. To be trendy and feminine, you can choose the silver pumps that match your elegant outfits. With such a pair of stunning shoes in your shoe closet, you no longer have to worry about the wrong shoes. How great the silver shoes are when you combine a stylish outfit can be seen in the picture gallery below. Try them out and enjoy!

Versatile silver shoes for every outfit

Chic silver shoes outfit ideas about

Effortlessly chic outfit idea with silver sandals via

Nice outfit idea with silver shoes via

Street style outfit idea with silver shoes via

Challenging outfit idea with Silver Pumps via

Casual outfit idea with silver shoes via

Nice outfit idea with silver heels over

Jeans outfit idea with silver high heels via

Ripped Jeans Outfit Idea with silver flat shoes via

Red blouse outfit idea with silver pumps via

Pink Short Jumpsuit Outfit Idea with Silver Flats via

Pretty white dress outfit idea with silver shoes over

Green dress outfit idea with silver shoes over

White outfit ideas with silver shoes via

Stylish office clothes with silver pumps over