Flower Tattoos for Your Waist - Pretty Desig

Flower Tattoos for Your Waist

When we talk about flowers, we think of something beautiful and beautiful. Men buy flowers to show their women their love; People love to use flowers as decoration at home too. Flowers play an important role in our daily life. They also occupy a place in tattoo art. Today we are going to show you some pretty floral tattoos for your waist.

There are a thousand types of flowers. What would you like to colorize for your waist tattoo designs? Roses mean love and hope; Lotus means purity; Carnations mean maternal love … Each flower has its own meaning. What you print on your waist depends on what you want. Here are many floral waist tattoo designs for you to get inspiration.

Do not hesitate to look at them and think about your own waist flower tattoo.

Waist rose tattoo

Waist rose tattoo over

Purple waist tattoo over

Simple waist flower tattoo about

Red rose tattoo about

Waist tattoo about

Lily tattoo

Daisy tattoo about

Simple flower tattoo about

Tiny flower tattoo about

Upper waist rose tattoo over

Amy Winehouse Tattoos & Meanings

Amy Winehouse Tattoos Meanings

Amy Winehouse tattoos are believed to have contained at least fifteen images, most of them from her favorite tattoo artist in Camden Town, London.

Amy Winehouse Tattoos Meanings

Amy's tattoos are very interesting both because of their visual appeal and because they tell us so much about their short but hugely important life.

Amy Winehouse Tattoos – Cheeky Betty Boop

Amy Winehouse Tattoos – Cheeky Betty Boop

The first of Amy Winehouse tattoos was the cartoon of a 1930s sex symbol, Betty Boop, on her lower back.

Betty Boop tattoo

The original Betty Boop cartoon character appeared in 1932 as a cartoon from the 1920s. Jazz Age Flapper girls and as a fan of early jazz and an unrestricted lifestyle, Amy obviously identified with this cute picture.

"Naughty" Betty always showed her curvy body in revealing dresses and this is the first of several sexy vintage pin-up girls in the Amy Winehouse tattoos gallery.

Amy Winehouse Tattoos – Native American feather tattoo

Amy Winehouse Tattoos – Native American Feather

Another of Amy's earliest tattoos was this eagle feather on her left inner forearm, which is a powerful symbol of courage in the Native American tradition.

Amy Winehouse Tattoos – Chest Pocket Flap

Amy Winehouse Tattoos – Chest Pocket Flap

Amy described herself as membership to her husband Blake Fielder-Civil with this shirt pocket flap tattoo under the word "Blakes" over her left breast.

This is a sign that she had submerged her own personality and was totally in love with Blake, who was a heroin addict and persuaded Amy to start injecting heroin. After Blake's divorce in 2008, Amy removed this memory of her miserable time with Blake.

Amy Winehouse Tattoos – Family Tattoos

Amy Winehouse Tattoos – Family Tattoos

Amy has always had a very close relationship with her father, a London taxi driver, and to recognize this happy relationship, Amy Winehouse tattoos included a "happy horseshoe" in blue and red with the words: Daddy's girl, written around it in flowing black script.

Tattoo ideas

As a token of love that Amy felt for her supportive grandmother Cynthia, she also had her name tattooed on her right arm in flowing script.

Amy Winehouse Tattoos – Flash on the Wrist

Amy Winehouse Tattoos – Lightning tattoo on wrist

Amy has always loved US vintage style, and this black-edged, gray flash on her right wrist is drawn in US comic style. This is another tattoo by Amy Winehouse that gives an insight into how she saw herself. When asked what it meant to her, Amy answered:

"I like it – lightning is a natural disaster! "

Amy identified herself with a "natural disaster" because of how she saw her love life, despite her extremely successful career.

Amy Winehouse Tattoos – Ankh with wings

Amy Winehouse Tattoos – Ankh with wings / exposure

On her upper back, Amy Winehouse tattoos showed this unusual combination of an Egyptian Ankh, which symbolizes "life", over an American eagle with spread wings.

Sleeve Tattoo Designs for Men

Unlike women, men have strong arms and some of them like tattoo designs to show their masculinity. Which arm tattoo designs would you like most as a tattoo lover? Today we are going to show you some sleeve tattoo designs to show your strong arms.

If you are a woman and find our contribution, you can choose one of the tattoos for your friend. If you are a man, you can find what you want in the mail. There are various themes for arm tattoo designs. You can show not only a male, but also a creative atmosphere. They include special elements to show the meaningful tattoos. Trees mean hope; Animals mean inner world; Angels mean purity.

More men sleeve tattoo designs can be found in the following post. Hope you like them

Tree tattoo about

Cool sleeve tattoo about

3D tattoo designs about

City arm tattoo about

Watch arm tattoo about

Fish and flower arm tattoo about

Angel arm tattoo about

Armor tattoo about

Half sleeve tattoo over

Lion tattoo design about

Stylish arm tattoo about

Religious tattoo about

Cool Tattoos that Make You Unique

You definitely don't want to feel like a trash, not like your body! Why decorate a tattoo that has been tried by others and has already been dismissed as belonging to the past age?

The artists who draw a cool tattoo must indeed be cool. After all, what is inscribed on the skin must be what can be estimated over several years. Since drawing is often an inspiration to the mind, you need to be sure that what is in the mind is the kind of thing you want on your skin. It always has to be up to date and not too obvious for everyone who would see it. It should stand out from others and make you feel really cool.

You know that it doesn't take you all the time or hours to patiently sit back and have a tattoo drawn for many hours. But once you've made such a sacrifice, the worst thing that can happen becomes clear to you that nobody recognizes it as unique. Given that you may have put it on your beautiful back to display it during the summer vacation camp, it just has to be cool. It has to be trendy and presented in a unique way. Makes you accused of copying other work.

The tattoo industry is like any other art industry. You must have a signature creation that is assigned to you. This is what makes a really cool tattoo. On this website you can interact with the artist to perfect your thoughts on the coolest tattoo. The artists here know that you are not a scaled head and that you already have a characteristic tattoo in mind. Your job is to perfect it and present it the way you want it.

Remember it has to be cool, a signature tattoo like no other!

Feathers tattoos / pinterest

Cool tattoos / tumblr

Owl tattoo for woman / tumblr

Cool tattoos for women / tumblr

Cool Anchor Tattoo Design / pinterest

Cool foot tattoos / tumblr

Simple dark star tattoo design

Cute Tiny Tattoo Ideas for Girls

It's so cute for girls to have tiny tattoos. Small tattoos can be painted in both simple and sophisticated ways. They don't need a lot of space to glow and can be seen on the ankles, wrists or fingers. If you want a small tattoo on your body, you won't miss these cute little designs.

There are 20 cute little tattoos that you haven't seen in today's post. They cover a wide range of tattoo elements. Some of them are simple lines, while some are tiny patterns. More cute little tattoos can be found in the following post.

Do not hesitate to search the post and find what you like.

Simple little tattoo

20 cute little tattoo ideas for girls about

Word Tiny Tattoo

20 cute little tattoo ideas for girls about

Dragonfly tattoos

20 cute little tattoo ideas for girls about

Boat tattoo

20 cute little tattoo ideas for girls about

Bow tattoo

20 cute little tattoo ideas for girls about

Tree tattoo

20 cute little tattoo ideas for girls about

Thumb tattoo

20 cute little tattoo ideas for girls about

bird Tattoo

20 cute little tattoo ideas for girls about

Mountain tattoo

20 cute little tattoo ideas for girls about

Footprint tattoo

20 cute little tattoo ideas for girls about

Moon tattoo

20 cute little tattoo ideas for girls about

Teacup tattoo

20 cute little tattoo ideas for girls about

lion tattoo

20 cute little tattoo ideas for girls about

fly Tattoo

20 cute little tattoo ideas for girls about

Music note tattoo

20 cute little tattoo ideas for girls about

feather tattoo

20 cute little tattoo ideas for girls about

Elephant tattoo

20 cute little tattoo ideas for girls about

Smile tattoo

20 cute little tattoo ideas for girls about

Rose tattoo

20 cute little tattoo ideas for girls about

Wing tattoo

20 cute little tattoo ideas for girls about

Fashoiable and Special Tattoo Designs Inspired by Nature

Hey fashionistas! Today I want to introduce you to a collection of 14 special and more fashionable tattoo designs. In my opinion, the tattoos are not only patterns on the body, but also a kind of art. When I see some beautiful tattoo designs, I will be amazed by the creativity of the designers and the applause for them. Therefore I would like to write this article and share it with you.

All 14 tattoos that you see in the gallery below are inspired by nature. That's why I say that they are special. The patterns are really beautiful and fashionable for women to try. Some of them are of the cute and tiny styles, while others are like an impressive picture. If you're looking for specific tattoo designs, you can also look at the images below and get more stunning ideas. Enjoy!

14 fashionable and special tattoo designs inspired by nature

Nice mountain tattoo about

Pretty plant tattoo idea about

Butterfly and flower tattoo about

Stunning tattoo idea with trees over

Artistic tattoo pattern about

Flower tattoo designs on hands over

Beautiful plant tattoo for women over

Chic tattoo design on the arm via

Nice pine tattoo about

Beautiful floral tattoo design over

Stunning tattoo design for women over

Pretty tattoo design on arm over

Tattoo design on neck above

Trendy flower tattoos on the arms above

Animal Tattoo Ideas for Female

Are you looking for the first or the fourteenth tattoo? Not sure what to choose? You can find answers here. Today we offer you some cool and stylish animal tattoos to check out. If you are a tattoo lover or are only interested in tattoo designs, you can take a look at the following designs without hesitation.

As an ancient Greek saying said, "We cannot find an animal without resemblance to humans." Everyone has a specific animal hidden in their head. People ink animal tattoos to let go of their inner animals or to remember their beloved animals. The animal tattoo designs convey the imagination and the spit of the people.

If you want to get an animal tattoo on your skin, you can choose one of the designs here. From large to small animals, you will find what you need in the post.

Nice tattoo about

Butterfly tattoo about

Fox tattoo about

Swallow tattoo about

Elephant tattoo about

Cat tattoo about

Colorful animal tattoo about

Nice cat tattoo about

Dog tattoo about

Owl tattoo about

Peacock tattoo about

Flying bird tattoo about

Lion tattoo about

Finger animal tattoo about

Cool tattoo about

Pretty Wrist Tattoo

I always think the wrist is the best place to have a tiny tattoo design. Today I'm going to introduce you to some stylish and pretty wrist tattoo designs again. I don't think you, as a tattoo lover, will miss her. You will find many themed tattoo designs in the post.

You will find little brides, famous words or pretty animals for the wrist tattoo. For girls, I suggest that you color animals on your wrist in a cute way. Of course, if the neutral images are created for a wrist tattoo, they can be suitable for both women and men.

This week you can just stay with us and see how pretty the wrist tattoo designs here. Have fun and maybe you can choose one of the designs to become your next tattoo.

Tiny Bird Wrist tattoo about

Birds and flowers wrist tattoo about

Quote wrist tattoo about

Pretty wrist tattoo about

Double infinity tattoo about

Infinity Heart Tattoo about

Music note wrist tattoo about

Tiny Music Tattoo about

Ladybug wrist tattoo about

Watercolor wrist tattoo about

Stamp tattoo about

Compass wrist tattoo about

Trendy Fish Tattoo Designs for Women

Hey fashionistas! Today I'm making a post about the fish tattoos. Fish is such a romantic and pretty animal with a lot of freedom. Women with a fish tattoo seem to be an embodiment of the pretty goldfish. If you like tattoo designs, especially animal tattoos, you can consider doing a fish tattoo. Wherever you put the fish tattoo, it's always stylish and special.

In the pictures below you can see some fascinating ideas for fish tattoos. There are many different styles, colors and sizes to choose from. If you like one of them, just show the picture to the tattoo artist, he will make a great copy for you. Of course, you can recreate them with your talent and creativity. Just try them out and rock a romantic tattoo style! Enjoy!

11 trendy fish tattoo designs for women

Black fish tattoo on the upper back via

Pretty fish tattoo on the waist above

Pretty gold fish tattoo on the thigh via

Nice fish tattoo for women over

Smart fish tattoo for women over

Goldfish tattoo for women over

Stylish fish tattoo design about

Colored fish tattoo design over

Small fish tattoo idea about

Tiny fish tattoo on the foot above

Fish tattoo design with words about

Fantastic Japaneses Tattoo Designs

Hey fashionistas! Today I present you a contribution about the Japanese tattoos. In the gallery below you can see some stunning Japanese tattoo designs that I think are pretty cool and unique due to the cultural elements of the tattoo.

Women tattoo

The moment you see these tattoos, there seem to be some feelings beyond the words. The red-faced girl on the back, the big carp, surrounded by blooming cherry blossoms and the terrible purple skull … Both men and women are suitable for this type of tattoo. You will be amazed by these tattoo designs. If you want to try something special and like Japanese culture, you can try it. Just check out the tattoo designs below and enjoy!

Japanese tattoo

Artistic tattoo idea

Stunning Japanese tattoo design

Cherry blossom and a girl tattoo

A traditional Japanese girl

Japanese girl tattoo on the back

Fish and cherry blossom tattoo

Pretty Japanese tattoo

A monster tattoo

Chic Japanese tattoo

Purple skull tattoo