Celebrities Love...Casadei 3504 Triple Platform Pumps - Red Carpet .

Celebrities Platform Pumps

platform pumps are adored by celebrity, The shoes can not only bring size, but also elegance and sexuality. No matter how boring your outfit is, the platform pumps can fix it. They also take us back to the time when the girls were enchanted with platform shoes. Now platform shoes are designed in many styles, such as pumps, peep toe pumps and so on.

The basic shape of the pump is retained for the platform pump types. Platform pumps have an inner platform or an additional platform that can provide additional height or a fashionable atmosphere. In addition, platform pumps are more comfortable than the typical pumps for the platforms so that the toes can be raised and leveled for the heels.

There are 1o platform pumps styles from celebrities. Find your favorite.

Amy Adams & # 39; platform pumps

Amy Adams & # 39; platform pumps

Amy Adams conjures up her deep blue dress with a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo shoes at the opening gala of the Wallis Annenberg Center. They are royal blue with platforms. The shoes are satin inserts. Amy Adams looks so beautiful.

Platform pumps from Miroslava Duma

Miroslava Duma makes it chic with an outfit that goes with a pair of platform pumps. The shoes are white with a black tip and back. She looks so stylish in the platform pumps when she visits the Chanel show.

Platform pumps from Miroslava Duma

Miroslava Duma is back, but she's wearing a pair of platform pumps with ankle straps when she takes part in the Balmain fashion show. The shoes are almost red with black lines and white angles. Your platform pumps go very well with the brown leather coat.

Melanie Brown's platform pumps

Melanie Brown looks gorgeous in her pink dress and Christian Louboutin platform pumps. The shoes are pointed with white platinum.

Mary Miranda's platform pumps

Mary Miranda is so fresh and bright when she attends Latina Magazine's Hollywood Hot List Party. Your super high platform pumps. Your shoes bring a new balance between style and comfort. They are white and go well with her blue dress.

Kimberly Wyatt's platform pumps

Kimberly Wyat combines her light blue dress with a pair of bare platform pumps. Although they don't get any decorations, they bring an elegant look.

Jennifer Hudson's platform pumps

Jennifer Hudson wears a pair of black platform pumps for the Variety Power of Women event. They are so stylish because of the gold hardware on the front. They silhouette their feet well. They don't look boring, they look modern.

Platform pumps from Claudia Levy

Claudia Levy wears a royal blue dress with bare platform pumps. The shoes are apricots. They make a bright look for them.

Carey Mulligans platform pumps

Carey Mulligan completes her cut-out dress with black platform shoes that are strappy pumps. She looks so cheeky in the black pumps when she attends the premiere of "Inside Lleywn Davis". The streamlines make her more feminine.

Bonnie McKees platform pumps

Despite her ombre hair, Bonnie McKee looks great in her ultra-high red shoes at the Ones to Watch party. The shoes are platform pumps. They bring a bright mood and make her a sexy girl.

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