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Celebrities Short Haircuts

Dianna Agron short hairstyle – most popular hairstyle for thick hair – messy chin-length bob

Dianna Agron Layered Bob Hairstyle - Popular Short Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Dianna Agron Layered Bob Hairstyle – Popular Short Hairstyle for Thick Hair

We love this trendy bed head look, which gives the chin-length bob a completely contemporary touch. The hair is razor-cut in layers that start at eye level and emphasize Dianna's beautiful brown eyes. The ends are heavily textured, giving a slightly jagged, edgy finish that only needs to be churned up a little to be stylish! And the lumpy edge has dark roots that turn into light golden blond and keep the look bright and youthful. This cut is a great way to add volume and style to fine hair.

Dannii Minogue short haircut – summer hair ideas – pixie cut for mature women

Dannii Minogue short haircut for summer 2014 – hairstyle for women over 40

Here's another example of how much younger you can look when swapping long for short hair. At the end of 2013, the pixie cut was the absolute favorite among international celebrities and after Pamela Anderson's amazing pixie makeover, thousands of women followed suit! This is the best style we have ever seen on Dannii and with this rich warm brown it now looks better fancy and much nicer than before!

Chloe Grace Moretz short hairstyle – cute short hairstyle for girls

Chloe Grace Moretz Short Bob Hairstyle with Bangs

This nifty look is also a low maintenance, low maintenance look that makes it easy to keep hair in good condition. It has an attractive side parting that gives it a contemporary feel. And the beautiful strand of hair follows the contours of Chloe's face in a flattering line that accentuates her blue eyes. This is a good choice for anyone with a slightly pointed chin, like that bent back wave leads the eye away from the shape of the chin. Would you like to try long hair this year? Here you will find the latest long hairstyles for women.

Cate Blanchett short hairstyle – straight short haircut – blonde bob cut for women

Cate Blanchett short hairstyle for women over 40

Cate proves that an all-round blonde color is not always flat and boring and looks classy and beautifully cared for in this style. The cut is a bob with most hair cut to the same length, just long enough to touch the collar. Then the shape is gently graded towards the face, making the profile line softer. The short side parting does not show up any Exceptionally dark roots and complements her beautiful skin tone. This cut gives Cate a youthful, Naturally blonde look!

Carey Mulligan short haircut – latest popular short hairstyle

Carey Mulligan Short straight hairstyle with bangs

Carey's soft, fine hair gains volume and texture in this short, chic cut that's so easy to style. This elf is cut into tiered layers that start from the crown and has an asymmetrical side parting. The hair is styled forward from the crown and then combed in a beautifully curved bangs with a smooth line across the forehead and up to one ear. And the modern color technique, which blends blonde and pale copper highlights, gives Carey's fine hair a lot of extra depth and texture!

Shailene Woodley short haircut – sleek bob hairstyle with highlights

Shailene Woodley short hairstyle for women – silky fine hair

The sleek, straightforward styling of Shailene's silky fine hair creates a fabulous look that really emphasizes her perfect skin and beautiful hazel eyes. The hair is highlighted in a very subtle way, which highlights the lighter spots in Shailene's eyes and adds a lot of texture and movement. The silhouette shows the perfect shape of Shailene's head and is a great, easy-care look for sporty, trendy or busy women!

Anne Hathaway short haircut – boycut for women – best short hairstyle for summer

Anne Hathaway Pixie Cut for 2014 – Cool Short Boy Cut for women

We have all seen the wonderful anti-aging effect of a pixie-cut makeover that always looks good on the after-image of the celebrity! But what happens when the hair and makeup team packs up for photo shoots and goes home? Do pixie cuts live up to the hype? Here is a photo of Anne Hathaway, who is on the road and far from the professional beauty team and whose hair looks fabulous. The short layers provide natural volume and the fluffy curls on the ears make the line casually softer and keep this cute haircut more popular than ever! Visit lilostyle.com for more information

Violante Placido short hairstyle – ombre hair for short hair – ombre hair color trends

Violante Placido Short Ombre Hair 2014 – Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Short hair is the style that usually brings that in future Fashion looks first and Violante's nervous chin-length bob creates a feminine but assertive image for the 21stst Century woman. Her naturally thick hair creates body and volume in addition to the casual twists. And the warm medium brown is highlighted with thick strands of blonde and light copper to achieve a stunning evening (or anytime) fashionable haircut and color! This short hairstyle is perfect for the wedding! If you're looking for the latest wedding hairstyles, read them here.

Ginnifer Goodwin short hairstyle – fabulous pixie cut for women

Side view of Pixie Cut – Ginnifer Goodwin short haircut

Here's a fabulous profile shot of the pixie cut that goes so well with Ginnifer. The look is simple and shows her face, complexion and delicate features. The short layers create a lot of textures and movements in the hair and the side points are kept soft and smudge to keep the line feminine but straightforward!

Jennifer Gray short hairstyle – popular medium – short curly hairstyle for women over 50 years

Jennifer Gray Short Hair Style – Curly hairstyle for thick hair

I'm afraid this is a pretty style, but not the best choice for Jennifer because the length and tousled, casual curls make her look older. The center parting is good on her oval face, however Not with such high volume on both sides. Have a flat section in the top center of your head that moves outward by one square shape there is definitely something to avoid around the forehead! But aside from that, the tousled waves are nice enough – though they're pretty dated when the latest shortcuts are so much more inventive and could flatter Jennifer's face a lot more!

Jaimie Alexander short hairstyle – bold thick dark bob haircut with side fringes for square faces

Jaimie Alexander Short Hairstyle for 2014 – Short black hairstyle with waves

Thick dark hair like Jamie's looks great in these new bob styles. This cut cleverly emphasizes the beauty of Jamie's eyes and bone structure by placing him in a frame of strong lines and spiky movements. The thickness of her hair creates a natural volume on the top, and the defined streak that covers the corner of her forehead softens the geometric shape of her face. The hair silhouette is rounded and curved on the sides to balance her strong jaw. However, the line is interrupted by the ultra-trendy, outward-looking tips to achieve a stunning, contemporary look!

Kellie Pickler short haircut – blonde elf with bangs cut for thin hair

Kellie Pickler Short Pixie Hairstyles 2014 – Short straight pixie haircut with bangs

This is such A beautiful pale blonde shade with a hint of gold on the roots to make it a little softer and more natural. This is the perfect style for anyone who loves short styles and is ready to change the color or shape a bit. Shown here, Kellie wears her razor-cut hair in a perfectly groomed, formal look on the red carpet. With this versatile cut, you can easily loosen it up with your fingers to create a trendy, tousled atmosphere. The pretty, wispy edge has structured tips adorns Kellie's forehead instead of "hiding" it. And underneath, the focus is entirely on the eyes, with the feathered, structured hair on the temples being styled forward to perfectly frame the upper part of the face! This is one of those amazing shortcuts that always give the wearer a youthful image – regardless of their age!

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