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Celebrities Tell You How to Style Crown Braids

Braided hairstyles are popular for the seasons. Crown Braid Hair Do is one of the trendy braided hairstyles that women love. If you've never had experience with crown braids, you can get some styling ideas from the female celebrities.

Today's post shows you braided hairstyles. You can see how they look in trendy hair. You'll also learn other tricks to style your own crown braid. You can style a milk girl braid or a halo braid for your next events. The hairstyle can be done with your long hair or shoulder length hair.

15 celebrities give you ideas on how to enchant a pretty crown braid. Do not hesitate to check out the ideas.

Emma Watson Crown Braid

Do you remember Emma Watson's crown braid look? She is beautiful in her hair and outfit.

Emma Watson Crown Braid over

Emma Watson Crown Braid over

Drew Barrymore Crown Braid

It seems that celebrities love braids of milk girls every time they attend events. Drew Barrymore is also styling a crown braid for her black dress this time.

Drew Barrymore Crown Braid over

Holland Roden Crown Braid

Holland Roden makes her heart-shaped crown braid. The hair is so romantic that it goes well with her pink makeup and dress.

Holland Roden Crown Braid over

Hayley Atwell Crown Braid

Hayley Atwell's milk girl braid makes her face shine at the event.

Hayley Atwell Crown Braid over

Constance Wu Crown Braid

Constance Wu looks nervous in her perfect crown braid. Although her hair tone doesn't add any colors to her look, the hairstyle with the perfect braid and face frame is striking.

Constance Wu Crown Braid over

Emma Robert Crown Braid

What will you style for your summer hair? Emma Roberts crown braid will be your best choice. You can style a piece of braid and put it around the crowd. Don't forget to leave the side parting.

Emma Robert Crown Braid over

Rachel Mcadams Crown Braid

How do I combine a glitter dress? Style Rachel Mcadam's hair look!

Rachel Mcadams Crown Braid over

Jennifer Lawrence Crown Braid

Jennifer Lawrence shares her bangs to combine the pretty crown braid. It looks elegant and sweet in the hair.

Jennifer Lawrence Crown Braid over

Julianne Hough Crown Braid

Julianne Hough pulls up all the locks and makes a crown braid without bangs. She makes up lightly to combine this simple hairstyle.

Julianne Hough Crown Braid over

Dianna Agron crown braid

It's a little nifty to style a double braided crown for the look. Dianna Agron not only did it, but also made it more beautiful. She was wearing a pink dress and pink makeup to complete the look.

Dianna Agron Crown Braid over

Rita Ora

Rita Ora makes a trendy crown braid to combine her nude makeup.

Rita Ora over

Kate Bosworth Crown Braid

Are you inspired by Kate Bosworth's hair look? She makes a perfect updo for her outfit. She styles multiple braids to get a nifty hair.

Kate Bosworth Crown Braid over

Bella Thorne Crown Braid

Bella Thorne wears a crown braid with bangs for her red carpet. The tone of her hair matches her makeup tone perfectly. She looks cheeky and pretty.

Bella Thorne Crown Braid over

Jessica Alba Crown Braid

When the days get hotter, your long hair can upset you. The best solution is to style a crown braid like Jessica Alba's. She sweeps her curls up and styled an edge crown braid well.

Jessica Alba Crown Braid over

Katy Perry Crown Braid

You can upgrade your crown braid with a light colored ribbon. Katy Petty adds a gold ribbon to her braided hair to match her earrings and outfit.

Katy Perry Crown Braid over

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