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Celebrity See-through Ankle Boots

by sight Bags are common, whether it's rainy or sunny. How about the shoes? There is see-through shoes, You are not just jelly Shoes, but also shoes in different styles. In fact, see-through shoes often appear in our lives. The type of shoes is becoming increasingly popular. They will be trendy for the season. They are so stylish that you can't wait to flaunt them.

Here we present some see-through ankle boots worn by celebrities. We find that some celebrities are big fans of the see-through shoes, especially the see-through ankle boots.

Compared to the boot that lies above the knee, the booties are neat enough for everyone to get out. They are colorful and stylish. It's also amazing that see-through inserts are built into ankle boots. The combination can be a great success.

Maggie Q in ankle boots

Maggie Q in ankle boots

Maggie Qs ankle boots

Maggie Q is so nervous in her sequin romper paired with a pair of peep toe boots covered with see-through material. They are beautiful shoes with an open back and zippers. They are modern and chic.

Natalia Kills in ankle boots

Natalia Kills ankle boots

Natalia Kills makes her outfit shine with a pair of rubber shoes. The shoes are not entirely made of jelly. They are purple ankle boots with zippers at the back. They are clear but modern. Her ankle boots go very well with her purple dress and makeup.

Gwen Stefani in ankle boots

Gwen Stefani ankle boots

Gwen Stefani combines her baroque print tights with a pair of black Givenchy mesh ankle boots. She looks oh so cool in her see-through shoes with ankle straps. The shoes are like cages, but show their natural beauty.

Toni Collette in ankle boots

Toni Collettes ankle boots

Toni Collette wears a pair of black ankle shoes for her look on the red carpet. You can say that it has nothing to do with the see-through shoes, but you can look at the back of the shoes first. They are decorated with multiple straps and show their ankles completely. They are chic see-through ankle boots and go well with her black dress.

Alba Rohrwacher in ankle boots

Alba Rohrwachers ankle boots

It is appropriate that you combine your strappy dress with a pair of white ankle boots with zippers. They are not exactly transparent shoes, but the cutouts let out some areas of the skin. Although they are one color, they are cheeky.

Joey King in ankle boots

Joey King's ankle boots

Joey King opts for a pair of Christian Louboutin bare ankle boots for her look. The shoes are so cute and stylish. They are see-through shoes with creative straps and decorated eyelets. It's a great way to make a flapper girl look like this with shoes.

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