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What are ankle boots?

Definition: Chap boots (with and without a hyphen) too Thigh-high heels called, belong to the overknee boots and are a symbiosis of boots and pants. Initially, chap boots were used as work clothes for fishermen to protect their legs from water. The original use seems absurd considering today’s environment in which chap boots are worn, as it is in nightclubs and adult shows.

Since they belong to the shoe categories high heels and fetish shoes, Chap boots have the following characteristics:

    • You have a heel that is higher than 10 cm.
    • The material usually consists of latex or patent leather. This provides the typical shiny look of this shoe model – if not on the concept shoe In this case there is still room for discussion: Shoe styles such as Chap Boots show that the transition between shoes, tights and trousers can be fluid.
    • Most belts have a belt along the waist for a secure fit. Alternatively, these shoes are also available with laces.

The Guide to Chap Boots

Are Chap boots also available for men?

Heel models are worn by women. Some transvestites also like to use these shoes. Because of their heel height, Chap Boots are neither the type of shoes that can be found in the unisex category, nor the shoe styles of men. At least in Germany, Chap Boots for Men are currently not explicitly sold.

Are Chap Boots Healthy?

Since Chap boots are usually made of paint, they are barely breathable, which can lead to sweat and feelings of heat. It is therefore generally recommended not to wear these shoes for too long. Foot powder can be used to prevent perspiration. Since fetish shoes are usually worn in domestic bedrooms, at erotic fairs or in special clubs, they are not commonplace in most cases. For this reason, copies of the shoe type Chap Boots are used rather unusual.

Where can you buy boots?

Since this type of shoe – as mentioned above – unlike most other types of shoes, is one of the fetish shoes, Chap boots cannot be bought in conventional shoe stores: They are available in adult retail stores or on Amazon. Mostly they consist of black lacquer. They are also available in flashy colors like pink, green, and even turquoise.

What kind of shoe rack is recommended for Chap boots?

Because of their size, many conventional shoe racks are unsuitable for Chap boots. Copies of this type of shoe can be kept well in a wardrobe or in a large shoe cabinet.

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