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Charming Burgundy Nails

The darker shades are now becoming a trend. We love Burgundy a lot because of its importance, sexy, hot, deep and dangerous. Burgundy is the best shade for women who are glamorous in different styles. The burgundy colored nails look vital and beautiful, so that every girl can polish them.

Here we take some burgundy colored nails to choose from. They are cute, pretty, and elegant. If you want to choose the burgundy for your nails, try the following nail polishes. Get inspired!

The varnish combines burgundy clay with black fishnet. It gives the nails an ultra-beautiful look.


Fishnet over

Simple dark red
Although it is dipped in a simple dark red, it looks sexy.

Simple dark red over


They are cute and soft.


Glittering nails
The glittering coats are applied to the burgundy coat. The polish creates a luxurious atmosphere.

Glittering nails over

Pretty nails
They are so pretty with a burgundy hue.

Pretty nails over

Dark red and metallic
Some metallic elements can spice up the red base color.

Dark red and metallic via

Splitter cobwebs
Splinter cobwebs are painted on the burgundy-colored nails. The nail polish is the best for Halloween

Splinter cobwebs over

Golden and red

The golden colors are stylish on the red nails.

Golden and red over

flower colors
The white flower colors and the basic color go so well together.

Flower colors about

Bright red and golden
The golden glitter is like stars scattered across the red sky.

Bright red and golden over

The shiny gemstones emphasize the red hue more.

Gems over

Golden flowers
It is so smart for you to combine red nails with golden flowers.

Golden flowers

Metallic gold flowers
This time, red nails, gemstones and golden flowers combine to create an elegant look.

Metallic gold flowers over

Red and pale purple

The mixed color creates a soft atmosphere.

Red and pale purple

The nail polish is like fire.

Marble red over

Burgundy roses

The burgundy roses are charming and stylish on the white nail polish.

Burgundy roses over

Red and black
The nail polish creates a dangerous feeling.

Red and black

Sequins fall freely on the nails.

Sequins over

The white tip is painted on the red nails and is cute and cheeky.

Tip over

The nail polish is reminiscent of the delicate chocolate.

Ox blood over

drip nails
The nails are replicated as the terrible pictures in the film.

drip nails

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