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Chic Hairstyles With Bobby Pins

Chic Hairstyles With Bobby Pins

Women always use hairpins to keep their casual flyovers in place when creating an elegant updo look. Sometimes they also use them to fix their hair tip when making a ponytail for the red carpet. You can also use multiple hairpins to create different styling styles, or put one over your ears to get the wrong bangs look. In any case, it brings you a special look and style.

V-shaped style

V-shaped style / Pinterest

It will be interesting and entertaining to create a special shape with hairpins. Place them upside down to create a typical V shape on the side of your bun. You can keep your hairstyle in better condition for a long time.

Triangular shape style

Triangular shape style / Pinterest

You may never have imagined that the hairpins are so useful for creating a different triangle shape for your hair look. They can help fix your upper hair for an elegant half-up style.

Pins for wavy hair

Pins for wavy hair / Pinterest

For those women who are always looking for new ways to deal with their hair, I think there are endless creatives for your hairstyle. When it comes to giving your old-fashioned wavy hair a new look, you can use a few hairpins to keep those extra spirals in place.

Ponytail pins

Pins for ponytail / Pinterest

I bet every girl should know this trick when it makes a simple ponytail for your daily look. You can pull a section of your hair underneath and wrap around the thin hair band for a glamorous ponytail look.

Half-up style

Half-Up Style / Pinterest

In addition to the hair bands, you can also fix your hair with hairpins. Pull your front layers back and use multiple hairpins on either side to hold them in place.

Fake bangs

Fake Bangs / Pinterest

Have you ever had such problems when dealing with your long side bangs? There is an easy way to solve this problem – placing a hairpin over your ear. It will prevent your long curls from falling off.

Decorative pens

Decorative Pins / Pinterest

Everyone would have lots of pretty decorative pens in their drawers. You can use them to spice up your dull hair look in just a second. They have various attractive properties such as flowers, branches or diamonds.

Cross-shaped shapes

Cruciform shapes / Pinterest

There is another playful shape you can create with hairpins – the cross shape. This is a traditional style that you can apply to your hair anywhere.

Colorful pens

Colorful pens / Pinterest

Here's a glamorous vintage-style hairstyle for girls. If you're afraid that the curly updo is too boring and sophisticated, just take a few pretty colorful hairpins. Their adorable shades give your overall look and style a fresh sense.

Boho braid

Boho Braid / Pinterest

Pull your front part hair back at the hairline and make a delicate braid. Attach it in the middle of your head with a hairpin. If you want this hairstyle to last longer, just add another pin in the opposite position.

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