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Chic Long Hairstyles with Bangs

Although short hair has been very hot and popular in the past few years, there are still a few reasons why your hair can grow longer. Long hairstyles are long enough to show off their natural texture. It would also be bigger if you added soft bangs to your sleek long hairstyle. If you're still not sure how to handle it, just check out some fabulous celebrity-recognized ones for inspiration!

Big waves

Big waves

To create such a carefree hairstyle, you can use a hot iron to turn your long curls into soft curls. It will also be able to flatter all styles with your outfits.

Long & swept sideways

There is no other hairstyle that can look more impressive than this long wavy hair with deep side bangs. It can also be designed in other looks as you like.

Low gloss

It's a good idea to give your hot party look an interesting wet look that can add a lot of shine to your hairstyle. However, you may need some hair products to achieve this effect.

Peekaboo chic

The striking bangs do you a great favor, so that your attractive eyes and strong lips are the focus of every long hairstyle.

It looks like it was in the 70s

Curl aside with a curling iron to create a stylish side part. This is the best opportunity to present your sensitive functions according to your wishes.


Maybe this isn't the sleek and polished style, but it's really pretty and chic if you keep your hair in a casual and unfinished state.

Lean look

A long straight hairstyle gives you a great chance to show off your natural hair texture. With its simple style, you can wear it for almost all occasions.

Hardly any waves

This is a perfect hairstyle for girls who like the naturally chic style. You can define your long hair in a messed up and tousled shape to keep up with the latest trend.

Hollywood waves

You can use Hollywood waves to do something really imaginative and glamorous with your hair. This is also a perfect hairstyle to combine with your gorgeous evening dress.
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