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Christian Louboutin Bridal Collection

Christian Louboutin Bridal Collection

Louboutins was born in 1992 and in so many years has made countless girls dream of becoming Cinderella. Although Louboutins doesn't have a pumpkin trainer, he recognizes girls' imaginations as princess and without having to pray for a pair of crystal shoes. Louboutins will present it for you. For the wedding, Louboutin has launched its stylish and admirable bridal collection to beautify your wedding.

These beautiful and elegant looks are so unique that only Louboutin can present them for you. They sparkle on your feet and make you a real princess that your guests, especially your friends, will admire. If a pair of delicate Louboutins shoes is waiting for someone, who cares about the pale ones who hide behind their wedding dress? Add Louboutins with jeweled and classy, ​​delicate pumps to make your wonderful wedding dream come true. Louboutin's unique and distinctive design has taken this bridal collection to a new level. With a bow on top of the shoes, they are well prepared to make you the most beautiful bride.

Do you feel depressed that you don't like to bling? Do not worry! Check out the white ankle strap shoe, which is less in the spotlight and also available in black. This collection also contains some subtle options for you. They will get you to get a new wedding dress to show off your shoes as much as possible. Although most of them in this collection are open styles, these pointed and rounded ones are also full equivalents. Ranging from white, black, metallic silver and blue to many others, they combine colors with all kinds of shapes and designs. Take the white leather, for example, it is neat, elegant and definitely in the Louboutin style. More considerate than you imagine, too high heels could embarrass your back wedding dress when you walk in the hallway. This collection presents simpler and more comfortable in 2 to 3 inch high heels. Louboutin has a thoughtful consideration for everyone to get their favorites. Why don't you put them on and let them beat up your wedding?

blue almost amazing

Platform pump: amazing blue

dazzling fish neckline

Peep-toe pump: dazzlingly elegant

Fish iridescent black

Peep Toe Pump: Lights up cool

Fish black

Peep toe pump: classy and elegant

Fish plain light purple

Peep Toe Pump: light purple

flowery silver delicate

Slip-back pump: sensitive

Pure white fish leather

separate pump: sweetly elegant

low fish light purple

Peep Toe Pump: light purple

lower colorful cozy

Peep Toe Pump: cozy and colorful

pointed dazzling white

pointed white pump

blindingly pointed

pointed glare pump

rounded light pruple

light purple, rounded pump

silver transparent bow

Peep toe pump with bow

white fish sheer

cute white peep toe pumps

white transparent bow

Platform pump: elegant and stylish

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