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What are clogs?

Definition: This shoe style looks like the slipper. Engl. C.log means translated Wooden shoe; An important characteristic of shoes is that their bottom is mainly made of wood. Therefore synonyms are also the terms Wood shoe and Zoccoli consequent. clogged however, clogs are two different types of shoes since clogs are made entirely of wood. Sometimes the opinion is widespread, the term clog would come from the noise made by the shoe. The model shown on the left comes from the Amazon range.

The history of the clogs

This type of shoe has been around since the 1860s. Clogs were then made from a clog or block of wood attached to the shoemaker. The original function of clogs was to protect finer shoes when traveling into town. Another important task of these shoes was to protect women from wet and cold feet and thus from diseases. At that time, with the exception of this, wooden shoes were only worn by the lower class.

Currently the term refers to clogged not necessarily on the wooden sole, but sometimes only on the characteristic shape and style. So clogged shoes with plastic soles are often like clogged called – like the shoes in the picture.

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Why can you combine clogs?

Clogs go very well with short pieces of clothing such as Mini skirts and Capri pants. In the summer holidays or on the beach, this type of shoe is very easy to care for and can be combined in many ways. In winter they can be used as slippers. If you wear a pair of thick socks underneath, you can easily have a pair of easy-to-clean slippers. What is allowed at home, but not always suitable for the street:

Should you slip barefoot in clogs?

As with all open shoe types, clogs are best worn with bare feet. To avoid one of the most obvious fashion sins, be sure to slip into clogs barefoot. Socks or socks look impossible in these shoes.

Can you bring clogs to the office?

Typically, clogs are worn by medical staff such as nurses and kitchen staff. The shoes are not always suitable for the office. When it comes to plastic clogs, they have no place in the office and should be reserved for the leisure sector. However, if you have a particularly elegant pair of wooden soles and fine leather, they can look chic and unconventional in combination with a feminine summer outfit.

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