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Color Block Nails

Color Block Nails

Have you prepared for your new color block manicure? Here we offer you 10 nail designs. We don't think you will miss them as they are both easy to make and pretty to paint. Check out the post and we are sure you will love this nail art right away.

Since the color block nails are so easy to reach, they can be done in just a few steps. First apply a primer and dry the nails. Then use an adhesive tape to make the blocks and put the colors you love on these blocks.

All of the designs presented can be completed within minutes. Do not hesitate to try some of the designs. Hope you like them Enjoy!

Sweet nails

Sweet nails over

Tricolor nails

Tricolor nails over

Metallic nails

Metallic nails over

Pink, white and splinter nails

Pink, white and splinter nails over

Black and white nails

Black and white nails over

Stylish color block nails

Stylish color block nails over

Blue nails

Blue nails over

Blue and gold nails

Blue and gold nails over

Simple color block nails

Simple color block nails over

Pretty color block nails

Pretty color block nails over

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