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Color Ideas for Brunette Hair

Maybe there are many people who are fans of blonde hair all over the world. But dark hair doesn't always have to be boring if it has the right style. They can also look very attractive and charming in the crowd. We can always see some black women with the black hairstyles and they look really beautiful. In fact, these darker shades are the perfect choice for girl hair in cold weather. In addition, your skin tone becomes more flattering under the bright dark strands. Compared to these brightly shaded blonde hairstyles, brunette hair can give the straps a humble and formal look.

Subtle ombré for brunette hair

Subtle ombré for Brunette Hair / Getty Images

Are you looking for a way to get a brand new hair look without changing your original base color? Just go for the ombre like Leighton Meester. These well-placed, lightly shaded stripes will make your blunt hairstyle look natural and interesting.

Medium brown for brunette hair / Getty Images

Rose Byrne gave us a successful example of medium brown hair with her soft, medium-length curls. The perfect medium brown is gaining popularity among women because it is one of the easiest hair tones to peel off compared to deeper brown and chestnut.

Light brown for brunette hair / Getty Images

For girls who don't like dark hair colors, there is a flattering light brown to choose from, especially for fair-skinned girls. Emma Watson looks so cute and pretty with this soft, light brown hair.

Deep brown for brunette hair / Getty Images

Brown hair can make people feel warm and soft, especially when compared to these light hair colors. Jennifer Garner looks so peaceful and beautiful with this long, deep brown hairstyle. His chopped bangs help keep her beautiful features in the center of attention.

Chestnut for Brunette Hair / Getty Images

It's a great idea to use different shades of brown over your long curls, especially in cold weather. In addition, the lightly shaded chestnut can also help to lighten a dull complexion.

Caramel for brunette hair / Getty Images

The sweet caramel hair color lies between dark blonde and light brown, which has helped solve the dilemma for those girls who want to achieve a darker shade effect over their soft blonde curls. You can also add some brightening highlights like Sofia Vergara.

Beachy Ombré for Brunette Hair / Getty Images

There is another way to wear the magical ombre color on your hair – the Beachy Ombre. You can use a lighter shade on the lower parts of your hair. You can create a contrast effect with the dark roots.

Almost black for brunette hair / Getty Images

The almost black hair can give you a very healthy and glamorous look. If in doubt, just check out Frieda Pinto's straight long straight hair. Her natural black hair color made her hairstyle look super shiny and attractive, with a royal center parting.

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