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Cool Nail Designs With Tutorials

Cool Nail Designs With Tutorials

Life is always about all sorts of beautiful things. Every girl has the right to be interesting and wonderful every day. You can start with your nails first to give them a totally chic look. There are so many pretty nail designs with different styles for your choice, and it won't be too complicated to design them the way they look. Follow us today with 11 cool nail designs with tutorials for 2014!

We have summarized some fabulous patterns in this post. I hope you find a favorite here. Our step-by-step instructions on the photos will show you how to create them. I bet each of them will give you an impressive look for their particular style. The cool denim nails in acid wash, the DIY camo print and the easy leopard can be combined with any casual outfit to achieve a stylish street look. If you want to be ladylike, the crescent moon nails with rivets and purple jewel nails are the ideal option. You would look way too glamorous in an evening with a beautiful dress.

Dalmatian nails

Dalmatian nails over

DIY camo nails

DIY camo nails over

DIY crescent moon nails

DIY half moon nails with rivets over

DIY marble nails

DIY marble nails over

DIY monochrome print nails

DIY monochrome print nails over

Do It Yourself - Simple nails with a leopard print

Do It Yourself – Simple Leopard Print Nails Over

Do It Yourself Acid Wash Denim Nails

Do It Yourself Acid Wash Denim Nails Over

Do It Yourself Luxury Jewel Nails

Do It Yourself Luxury Jewels Nails Over

Lilac jewel nails

Lilac jewel nails over

Pretty flower nails DIY

Pretty floral nails DIY over

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