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Corduroy shirts

Cord shirts for women and men are not only fashionable, but also incredibly comfortable to wear. The short-sleeved or long-sleeved cord shirts, most of which have breast pockets, are made of a soft, fine or wide cord.

Classification of the corduroy shirt category

Cord shirts are at the top of the list of favorite clothing for many men and women.



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  • Sitting comfortably and casually despite the relatively thick, robust material.


  • With the right care, they will retain their color and shape for a long time
  • are practical and chic at the same time
  • combine well and
  • therefore also come as a substitute for jackets

– No wonder that there is one in almost every wardrobe. The term “cord” is probably derived from the English “cord” or from the French “Corde du Roi” (linen of kings). For the first time cord was made in the Manchester factories, hence the name “Manchester Velvet”. In fact, the surfaces appear almost velvety due to the longitudinal ribs.

Typical properties

Most corduroy shirts are on average comparable to normal shirts or blouses. They end at the waist or at the hips, the usually long sleeves can be rolled up. They are closed by a button bar. Often there is a small pocket on the chest.

The material used is divided into

(depending on the width and height of the ribs), although the rather heavily structured broad cord is rarely used. Similar to jeans in the “used look”, there are also corduroy shirts in a used look, in this case one speaks of antique cord. Proper care is crucial for the longevity of a corduroy shirt. The use of a mild detergent on the gentle cycle is recommended, as is the omission of any ironing activity.

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