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Corduroy skirts

Corduroy skirts

Cord skirts are fashionable women’s corduroy skirts. The comfortable and comfy skirts made of fine cord or wide cord look elegant and are available in various lengths and types, for example with slits or pleats.

Classification of the category cord skirts

Hardly any other item of clothing is as feminine, sporty and robust as the corduroy skirt.

Material properties

The solid, relatively thick material makes the skirt the ideal companion in transition and winter time. One differentiates in

  • Baby cord that is very finely ribbed
  • Wide cord that looks almost rustic due to the coarse stripes
  • normal fine cord intended to settle in the structure between the first two variants.

Cuts and colors

Cord skirts are often knee length or a hand’s breadth above or below. The cut is usually slightly exposed or narrow. In addition, there are also models with hip-shaped folds that appear at the bottom and provide a nice jump when you walk. Particularly sporty pieces with front and rear flap pockets.

Typical colors are natural tones like

  • beige
  • off-white
  • brown
  • Moss green or
  • Black,

which give the velvety shimmering surface a particularly soft and feminine look.

possible combinations

Cord skirts can be easily combined with


The cord skirt is well suited for companies.

Cord skirts in evening wear

In addition to everyday models, Cordrock has also found its way into evening wear – but in an ankle-length, figure-hugging form, possibly with a side slit. Here, however, you do without bags and prefer dark, muted colors such as anthracite, navy or bordeaux.

The festive corduroy skirt is perfectly complemented by light blouses or tops in a soft, shiny or matt look. Cord skirts should never be ironed as the characteristic surface structure is lost.

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