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Creative DIY Vases to Hold Flowers

Spring is all around us. We continue to give you some ideas to beautify your home and create a better living space. Today's post offers you some ideas for DIY vases for holding spring flowers.

If you are a DIY lover you will not miss the post. The post will help you to reuse your old things. Think about what you can find to turn your home into a vase. Pull out the used vases or the old glass bottles. You can redesign them with sequins or even coins.

More DIY vase ideas can be found in the post below. Enjoy and make a perfect DIY craft for the season.
Happy penny vase

Happy penny vase

Lucky Penny vase over

Vase with glitter

Vase with glitter over

Gold-dipped vases

Gold-dipped vases over

DIY vases

DIY vases over

Painted vases

Painted vases over

Creative flower vases

Creative flower vases over


Bottle vase over


Balloon vase over

Jute wrapped bottles

Jute Wrapped Bottles Over

DIY yarn wrapped vase

DIY Yarn Wrapped Vase Over

Onion flower vase

Onion flower vase over

DIY blue glitter vase

DIY blue glitter vase over


Flower vase over

DIY glassware

DIY glassware about

Gold striped vases

Gold striped vases over

DIY projects

DIY projects about

DIY rope vase

DIY rope vase over

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