60 Crown Braid Hairstyles for Summer – Tutorials and Ide

Crown Braid Hairstyle

I have never worn a crown braid because I think my hair is not long enough. However, I long to have a crown braid hairstyle one day, and I really adore the hairstyles. It is very pretty for girls to wear a crown braid. The girls who style a braided crown look elegant and natural, so they can look beautiful with crown braids for any occasion. For girls, it would be better to combine a white dress with her pretty, braided hair.

In addition, crown braids are often worn by celebrities. The hairstyle can not only complete the outfits of celebrities, but also give the beauties a natural and vital look.

Crown braids are designed in many different ways. Sometimes the braids are attached at the top as a headband. Other braids can be loosely styled to spice up the back bun. No matter how the crown braids are made, they can always give you a perfect look. Now let's take a look at 15 hairstyle designs for crown braids in the post.


Crown braid for highlighted hair

Crown braid for highlighted hair

Crown braid for bangs

Chaotic crown braid

Crown braid for strands of hair

Crown braid for spring

Jennifer Morrison's crown braid

crown braid

Fish crown braid

Nice crown braid

back braid

Braided hair

Crown braids with side part

Crown braid as a headband

Crown braid for long hair

Crown braid for curly hair

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