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Crown Braids and Waterfall Braids

Braided hairstyles prevail. They are adored by every woman and are often worn by women around the world. The glamor of braided hairstyles successfully draws your eyes. Women who have braided hairstyles always look both cheeky and elegant. The hairstyles can show the beauty of women due to their different styles.

Today's post will feature two popular braided hairstyles, crown braids and waterfall braids. Crown braids can lengthen women's necks, while waterfall braids can show a more feminine look. You can just look at the hair designs below and see how the braided hair makes the hair magical.

crown braids

A crown braid hair is a hairstyle that puts a braid around the head or consists of a braided bun. It can appear in different shapes and styles. To make a perfect crown braid hair, you should prepare yourself with enough hairpins and some hairspray. Here are some crown designs you can try. Enjoy!

Perfect braid

Perfect braid over

Crown braid for brown hair over

Pretty crown braid over

Fishtail rolled over

Jessica Harts Crown Braid over

Pretty Crown Braids over

Fashionable crown braid over

Wrap around braid over

Waterfall braids
For women who have highlighted hair, it is better to style a waterfall braid. The hairstyle will emphasize the highlights and lowlights. In addition, it will give the woman a beautiful look. Of course, it can also match long hair in other colors. We don't think you will miss the beautiful waterfalls. There are some stylish waterfall braids to choose from.

Waterfall braid over for curly hair

Pretty waterfall network above

Waterfall braid over

Waterfall braid over for brown hair

Waterfall braid over for purple hair

Waterfall braid for mint hair via

Stylish waterfall network over

Waterfall braid for highlighted hair over

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