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Curly Pixie Hairstyles for Women

Pixie cuts are a great choice for women who like simple yet chic styles. But do you want to make your hairstyle more striking? It makes a difference, even with a slight hint of waves and curls. You can also find that the bangs can be so versatile that you have never seen them before. Follow us with 22 glamorous curly pixie hairstyles for women in this post and get inspired!

Side swept curly pixie hairstyle

Side swept curly pixie hairstyle

Side swept curly pixie hairstyle over

This style is absolutely great for some important events. You need a lot of hairspray to restore this look.

Short curly pixie hairstyle

Short curly pixie hairstyle over

This glamorous short curly hairstyle offers an intense side part for a totally trendy and modern look. It has a lot of volume to flaunt in the front.

Asymmetric pixie hairstyle

Asymmetrical pixie hairstyle over

For girls who don't dare to adopt a style that is too bold, you can start with this look. The ombre side bangs with flipped tips give you what you want.

Vintage curly pixie hairstyle

Vintage curly pixie hairstyle over

It seems that the slicked-back style looks even nicer on a short pixie cut. Add some light curls to get everyone's attention.

Romantic short curly hairstyle

Romantic short curly hairstyle over

A wonderfully chic and beautiful look for summer! Choose a pair of jewelry rings and you're good to go!

Red curly pixie hairstyle

Red curly pixie hairstyle over

A new idea to take you pixie cut to the next level is with stylish ruffled bangs. It also looks very interesting and fun for pretty girls.

Purple curly pixie hairstyle

Purple curly pixie hairstyle over

This hairstyle is anything but lack of volume. The dark purple stripes brought her dull black curls to life.

Shaved pixie hairstyle

Shaved Pixie Hairstyle Over

The edgy undercut will become a mainstream look in 2016. It's a cool choice for those who want a bold style with their hair.

Ombre Curly Pixie hairstyle

Ombre Curly Pixie hairstyle

We love the way the lightly shaded tips get along with the dark ends. Along with some loose beach waves, it's an ideal option for your vacation style.

Messy short curly hairstyle

Messy short curly hairstyle over

This is a perfect look for the cool summer time. Rock it and be ready to have fun with your pretty wardrobe.

Layered curly pixie hairstyle

Layered curly pixie hairstyle

Layers are important to liven up a pixie hairstyle. For more charm, style her with tight curls, just like this beautiful lady.

Blonde curly pixie hairstyle

Blonde Curly Pixie Hairstyle Over

Another super charming blonde beauty for us! Her locks are absolutely stunning that every woman wants to try.

Messy curly pixie hairstyle

Messy Curly Pixie hairstyle over

Here's a perfect style for girls with thick hair that is much easier to style if extra bulk is cut off.

Gray pixie hairstyle

Gray pixie hairstyle over

You can surely wear this look for your simple, casual everyday style. The gray hair color goes very well with this pixie cut.

Simple curly pixie hairstyle

Simple curly pixie hairstyle over

This is an absolutely cool hairstyle with tight and playful curls. You can look as good as a student.

Short pixie hairstyle with bangs

Short pixie hairstyle with bangs via

Have you ever imagined wearing this incredibly cool hairstyle and becoming a trendsetter among your friends? The voluminous bangs are really worth trying.

Curly pixie hairstyle for women

Curly pixie hairstyle for women over

It's perfect to combine a curly pixie hairstyle with a set of hot red lips. Remember to complete the entire look with eye-catching dangling earrings.

Curly pixie hairstyle with undercut

Curly pixie hairstyle with undercut via

We have so much to do with our pony. Tight curls can definitely be more fun than the loose ones.

Curly pixie hairstyle for African American women

Curly pixie hairstyle for African American women over

Black women can also wear a curly elf if they want a fantastic look. This is a totally fun and funky style to try.

Casual short curly hairstyle

Casual short curly hairstyle over

Do you need a short curly hairstyle to complete your casual outfits? Well here it is. Remember to ruffle it a little for an attractive look.

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