12-cute-and-easy-hairstyles-that-can-be-done-in-a-few-minutes .

Cute Hairstyles that Can Be Done in a Few Minutes

For most women, they wouldn't have enough time to take care of our hairstyle every day. So we need some simple and straightforward, but sometimes still fabulous hairstyle ideas. If you always don't know how to handle your hair before going out, this post will help you with 18 cute hairstyles and their useful tutorials!

We have a perfect blowout hairstyle look below for girls with long wavy hair. With a cascade of casual and soft locks, you look effortlessly cool and glamorous. If you're tired of the donut bun and the braided bun, you can opt for a messy but stylish knot bun. It makes a big difference to other hairstyles.

In addition, we also offer you a good suggestion for your headband hairstyle. Simply stick the front part of your hair through the silky headband to the end, and your hair will cover half of it.

Braided bun over

Braided bun over

Sweet ponytail over

Double halo braids over

Easy hair updo about

Simple twist pony over

Easy twisty bun over

Simple updo for shorter hair over

Fish tail pull over

Hair bow over

Lateral messy braid over

Messy beehive over

Perfect blowout over

Pin hides braid over

Simple Gibson Tuck via

The chic updo over

The knot ponytail over

The long the short of it via

Push through half and cover

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