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Cute Nail Tutorials

We have 16 cute nail tutorials for you in the post. They are ultra-cute but useful and they come in different designs and colors. It is an opportunity for you to do the nail art through your infinite imagination and rainbow polishes so that you can take your manicure tools and try them on without hesitation. These cute nails suit many events and can be worn for everyday wear.

Try them now and enjoy!

star nails
To restore the polish, you can first paint the nails with ribbons and then stamp the stars.

star nails

Star nails over

It's cute to combine the polka dots with a little bow.

Points above

cherry nails
How delicious the cherries are!

Cherry nails over

owls nails
I will try different colors for the cute owls on my nails.

Owl nails over

monkey nails
After experiencing with the owl nails, you can choose a monkey polish.

Monkey nails over

Cats in love

Cats in love on the nails give you a sweet atmosphere and it is both beautiful and stylish.

Cats in love about

Chick Nail Design
It is a simple and fun design.

Chick Nail Design

Piggy design
You can use red and pink polish to create pig nails.

Piggy design over

Flower nails
The flowery nails are pretty and fresh.

Flower nails over

Lace inspired nails
You can make black polish tips yourself.

Lace inspired nails over

Despicable Me Minion Nails

Here's how to turn a yellow polish into Minion nails.

Smiley nail
How about polishing smileys on nails for everyday use?

Smiley Face Nail over

French stone nail art
The French stone nails remind me of my childhood.

French stone nail art about

Funny rabbit

It is an important look to polish the rabbits on nails.

Funny rabbit about

Snowy Nail Art
It is a good nail art for winter.

Snowy nail art about

Funny lamb

The cute lamb face can make you a fun day.

Funny lamb about

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