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Delicate Cupcake Nails Tutorials

We have put together 11 delicate cupcake nail tutorials for you. All pictures are reminiscent of the hot TV series Two Broke Girls. The girls' dream on the show is to open their own cupcake shop. Maybe we don't have a cupcake shop, but we can have cupcake nails for parties or birthdays because the cupcakes are always adorable.

Paint adorable cupcakes on your nails and have a fun day!

Cupcake nails with pearls
You can choose between three types of cupcake nails. They are purple and deep green as the primary colors, which are lighter than the shade of cupcakes. You can choose between chocolate icing or strawberry icing and add red pearls as cherries.

Cupcake nails with pearls

Cupcake nails with pearls over

Cupcake nails for party
It is the best nail polish for you to attend a party. Before painting the cupcakes, you should apply the white nail polish as the base color. In addition, the packaging of cupcakes is painted in two different colors.

Cupcake nails for party via

Cupcake nails with sequins
The nails have a super light base color to highlight the cupcakes. When creating the nails, you can use sequins like the star shape and the heart shape to create the cherries.

Cupcake nails with sequins over

Colorful cupcake nails
If you have rainbow nail polish, you can give a delicate cupcake to each finger.

Colorful cupcake nails over

Cupcake nails for birthday
We are sure that you will not miss the cupcake nails for your birthday. The strappy packaging of cupcakes contradict the basic color purple.

Cupcake nails for birthday over

Beautiful cupcake nails

It's nice to add multiple cupcake nails after you've polished your nails.

Nice cupcake nails over

Pink cupcake nails
The pink nails look sexy, while the cupcake nails are cute. The wrappers are also painted pink, but the frosting is complemented by blue dots.

Pink cupcake nails over

Sweet cupcake nails
The cupcake nails are cute with the basic color blue and the funny red cherries.

Sweet cupcake nails over

Cupcake nails with dots
The cupcakes are painted on the golden base color. Colorful dots, heart-shaped sequins and strappy packaging are added to them.

Cupcake nails with dots over

Steps to create cupcake nails
Here are 10 steps you can use to style your cupcake nails. You can change the colors you want. Enjoy the cupcakes free!

Steps to create cupcake nails over

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