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Denim Skirts

Denim Skirts

Denim skirts made of classic or lightly washed denim are chic skirts for today’s fashion-conscious women. On request, a denim skirt in various sizes and lengths, with or without folds, is available in stores.

Classification of the category of denim skirts

With the regularity, denim skirts are repeatedly declared to be the highlight of the season and thus delight the wearer and the viewer again and again.

Fashionable development


In the 1970s, they became popular as maxi models or ankle-length skirts and brought femininity and robust fabric, which was originally typical for work clothes, into harmony. Floral embroidery, peasant blouses and contrasting belts were the perfect complement.


In the 80s, the slim denim mini came into fashion. In addition to the classic blue color, it appeared in everyday life in black, white, used or marble optics and was combined with leggings and large shirts in neon colors. Studded belts and rhinestone accessories made the look perfect.


The 90s made the denim skirt socially acceptable. In a narrow shape and Italian length, as well as slit, with festive blouses and tops, it was even a legitimate companion for theater and concerts. It also had its place in the everyday wardrobe, with casual knitted sweaters or T-shirts.


In the meantime, women can dress quite informally without having to submit to particular trends. What is beautiful is what pleases and looks good – this also applies to the denim skirt. There is still a multitude of colors, shapes, lengths and designs – “she” has the freedom to choose which version suits her best and suits the occasion.

The denim skirt is very popular because – depending on the combination – it looks sporty or chic, is versatile and easy to care for and can do (almost) everything.

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