Chain Destroyed Jea

Destroyed Jeans

Destroyed jeans look so cool! But only if the deliberate tears do not unintentionally tear wide apart, for example when you put on your trousers, when you stick your foot … Sure you know the problem. Fortunately, there is a simple DIY trick you can use to save your destroyed jeans from such a disaster.

All you need for this hack is …

  • Iron on denim lookpreferably in the color of your pants (at Amazon * you can get a matching set, for example)
  • a scissors
  • an iron (A straightening iron is also available as an option)

And so it continues:

Turn your jeans to the left. Cut the plaster so that you can place small pieces on either end of the crack so the jeans would continue to tear the theory. As you should see these parts from the outside, so put them almost as reinforcement on the part of the pants that is not yet torn. Now iron or straighten the iron with the plasters – heat will fix them on the fabric. Getting ready!

Now your destroyed jeans can no longer break completely and you are not allowed to offer friends a new model. So a really useful hack in terms of sustainability! And he did two minutes.

By the way, do you know that you can easily turn a pair of destroyed jeans into friends yourself?

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