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Diamond Jewelery

Above all fine rings, but also expensive and high-quality earrings, earrings and necklaces are filled with one or more diamonds. Diamond jewelry is one of the most expensive and finest pieces of jewelry and is timelessly beautiful and aesthetic.

Classification of the diamond jewelry category

“Diamonds are girls’ best friends” – Marilyn Monroe already knew that and to this day the fascination for diamond jewelry has never stopped. Every woman wants to shine with a diamond jewel, so it is not surprising that diamonds are the most sought-after jewelry. They are timelessly elegant and glamorous and radiate absolute luxury.

The special features of diamonds

A diamond has an enormous shine and a very high refraction of light, which leads to countless light reflections inside. This and the perfect cut of the rough diamond with many facets enable the incredible shine of this gemstone. They are available in the well-known brilliant cut and also in the form of fancy diamonds in different colors.

Popular diamond jewelry

Diamonds are used in many pieces of jewelry. Regardless of whether

Every piece of jewelry can be upgraded with diamonds. This of course includes the necessary change, because diamonds are extremely expensive and the more carats, the higher the price spiral.

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