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Diamond Rings

A diamond ring made of fine gold or silver is adorned with a specially cut diamond. The so-called brilliant is only a real diamond if it has really been cut to a very specific shape, the brilliant cut.

Classification of the diamond rings category

Brilliant rings are finger rings in gold, silver or platinum in which one or more diamonds are inserted or in a setting on the surface of the ring.

Features of the brilliant cut

The diamond is a diamond that has been processed in a special cut, the so-called brilliant cut, and therefore bears his name. This cut is characterized by a particularly high level of brilliance and enormous shine, as at least 32 facets and the so-called plate on top of the diamond are cut.

In the lower part there is a circular list and at least 24 facets. This is by far the most common diamond used, and only diamonds milled this way can be called brilliant.

Types of diamonds

Basically there are several brilliant shapes that are shaped in different types of cuts, such as:

  • the fine-tuning is brilliant
  • the Parker Brilliant or
  • the standard Scandinavian diamond.

Brilliant rings are very popular with women because they not only look wonderful and the glittering sparkle makes them a real highlight on every woman’s finger, but also always as a status symbol. In the eyes of many people, diamonds are an expression of pure luxury and are therefore considered prestige.

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