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Dirndl shoes

What are dirndl shoes?

On the toe there is a bow and a metal clasp.Definition: Dirndl shoes belong to the categories as women’s shoes that are worn with dirndls Costume shoesMost are traditional in design and can do the following properties respectively:

  • Typical dirndl shoes have an edelweiss motif.
  • This type of shoe often has a wide heel, which proves to be practical in the situations in which dirndl shoes are most often worn.

Dirndl shoes beyond the Haferl shoe model

Dirndl shoes are traditionally sold in the style of Haferl shoes. In recent years, however, dirndl fashion has changed significantly: the conservative long dirndl dresses have been joined by modern, shorter ones Mini dirndl and Midi dirndl Call. Accordingly, you are free to choose your dirndl shoes and combine them with your dress.

What should you watch out for when combining dirndl shoes?

At this point in time, the women’s shoe lexicon cannot give general advice, as every dirndl dress requires individual advice on how to combine it. Most importantly, the overall combination is color and style coherent acts. Basically you should consider: The Leg height and the color of the dirndl shoes should match the length of the dirndl. You should never wear heavy hiking shoes for a short dirndl dress. Feminine shoe models such as ballerinas, sandals or sling pumps are ideal for this. If you want to visit the Oktoberfest or another more rustic event, you shouldn’t choose dirndl shoes with heels that are too high or too narrow. Try to find a healthy compromise between elegance and practicality.

If you wear a longer dirndl dress, you can also wear less feminine shoe styles, for example walking bootsWhether mountain boots or trainers are suitable for combining with a dirndl is and remains a matter of taste. In order to avoid style inconsistencies, it is definitely recommended Advice from a competent traditional fashion saleswoman.

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