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Disney Tattoos For Any and All Disney Lovers

Everyone loves out there Disney, right? Well, at least the majority of people in the world and what shouldn't you love? The films have some great characters and I know there is at least one Disney song that is always in your head. If your love for Disney is the next level, then you might consider getting a little piece of Disney tattooed on you. Disney tattoos have grown in popularity in the past decade. If you are looking for one Disney tattooThen Pretty Designs has a large selection of different films and even some suitable ones. Check out these 15 tattoos to inspire you.

1. Lion King Disney tattoo

The outline of Simba as a baby is one of the best known pictures of The Lion King, If you love the movie, this tattoo can make you feel like the king or queen of Pride Rock.

2. Disney Dreamcatcher Tattoo

This Disney Dreamcatcher is a really unique idea for a Disney tattoo. Instead of just focusing on one Disney movie, this tattoo offers several, and instead of the typical circular shape, a Mickey Mouse head. This is great for someone who is a HUGE Disney lover.

3. Disney Castle Tattoo

If you want a more minimalistic Disney tattoo, get an overview of the Disney Castle. You can get the castle from either Disney World or Disneyland, but each shows how much you love each park.

4. Matching Peter Pan tattoos

If you and your partner both love Disney, getting a matching tattoo could be a fun date. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell are a very underestimated choice, but both need others that could be great for both of you. The colors in these are really fun too.

5. Mickey and Minnie Disney tattoo

As symbols of the mouse house, Mickey and Minnie are an obvious choice for tattoos. However, these tattoos are particularly cute because, in a way, they are side by side. If you have them on two different body parts, you can get two tattoos that don't take up much space.

6. Peter Pan Disney Tattoo

This Peter Pan Tattoo is a little more subtle than the previous one. It shows Peter taking Darling kids to Neverland and is a great way to incorporate the famous scene without getting a huge tattoo, especially if you need to cover it up for work.

7. Winnie The Pooh Disney Tattoo

This classic Winnie the Pooh tattoo is good for a vintage Disney fan. The classic version of Winnie the Pooh is still an icon and a highly underestimated option for a tattoo.

8. Colorful Stitch Disney Tattoo

This stitch tattoo is a variation of the original design and actually looks a lot better. Stitch has become a relatively popular character and this subtle color change could make your tattoo stand out.

9th Pocahontas Disney tattoo

This may look like a simple leaf tattoo, but is actually inspired by the song "Colors Of The Wind" Pocahontas. The film is greatly underestimated, but this tattoo could appeal to any Disney fan, as it actually has no Disney symbolism.

10th Bambi Disney tattoo

Bambi is such an iconic Disney character, why don't you choose him as your tattoo? The simple work of art is reminiscent of the original film and gives you a more minimalist look.

11th Above Tattoo

The house in Above with all balloons has become one of Pixar's trademarks. This tattoo is small, but such a detailed work of art. All the different colors of the house and balloons are a great way to add some color instead of just having a black ink tattoo.

12th Beauty and the Beast Disney tattoo

Beauty and the Beast has a lot of different images associated with it, but Chip is without a doubt the cutest. That is why he makes such a cute tattoo and the scene in which he blows the bubbles allows you to incorporate many different elements to customize.

13th Cinderella Disney tattoo

In this tattoo, CinderellaThe car was transformed into a completely different design. It's a really unique idea to make your car as part of a chandelier, and there wouldn't be anyone who would ever dream of having this tattoo.

14. Marie Disney Tattoo

If you want a Disney tattoo but want something really girlish and sweet, get a tattoo from Marie the Cat. Even if you may not remember the movie, The aristocatesthe little lady has won a large following. This tattoo is relatively small, but makes no less impression.

15. Ariel inspired Disney tattoo

This last tattoo is a greeting to one of Disney's favorite princesses, Ariel. The little mermaid is one of Disney's most popular princesses and this subtle tattoo would be a wonderful tribute to Ariel if she is your favorite princess.

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