34 Throw Blankets To Keep You Warm This Wint

DIY Crafts to Warm You in Winter

Don't throw away your old winter clothes. They can be used to emulate other things like hats and gloves. In addition, they can be designed in a new look. Trust me! You will be surprised by the do-it-yourself of old things if you are patient enough to make something and you may regret throwing your used clothes in the trash.

Here are 16 ways to get some ideas.

Warm shoes
The shoes consist of a strappy sweater. They are warm and cute.

Warm shoes

Warm shoes over

Cut two pieces of fabric from an old sweater and sew them into a hat.

Hats over

The gloves also consist of an old sweater.

Gloves over

Bow headband
You can cut some ribbons from a sweater and make a headband.

Bow headband over

Long gloves
Cut off your old clothes sleeves and make a pair of gloves.

Long gloves on

If you have an old sweater, don't throw it away and try making muff. It will be so much fun.

Heat muff over

The earmuff consists of a fur collar so that the ears do not get cold.

Earmuffs over

fur vest
You can just cut off the sleeves and add some details that you like.

Fur vest over

Dress for kids

It is a dress for children from an adult sweater.

Dress for kids over

Warm cardigan
It's wise to turn an XL men's shirt into a female cardigan.

Warm cardigan over

fingerless gloves
Even socks can be turned into fingerless gloves.

Fingerless gloves over

Renewed sweater
Did you ever think that your sweater is boring? Do not worry. You can simply add some details to the sweater and have your sweater changed in a new style.

Renewed sweater over

Shirt in skirt
You will have a pretty skirt by changing some details of a shirt.

Shirt in skirt over


The sleeves are cute and chic.

Sleeves over

Stylish sweater

You can cut off the sweater and add some accessories to give it a new look.

Stylish sweater over

Hat from a sweater
No matter what color the sweaters are, they can be processed into stylish and pretty hats.

Hat from the sweater

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