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DIY Ideas for Styling the Photo Frames

There are too many photos to store? It's time for you to have some photo frames and store the old photos. Instead of buying the photo frames, you can make the frames by yourself following this post. You can add elements that you love to the photo frames and style the perfect photo gallery for your family.

Here we pick up 16 DIY photo frames for you to choose. Check them out and get inspired!

Beehive-like photo display
It's so stylish that you put the beehive-like photo board on the wall.

Beehive-like photo display

Beehive-like photo display via

Simple photo frame

The photos can attract your eyes when they are put on such a simple frame.

Simple photo frame

Name letter photo frames
Use the photo frames to create a name sign and give it as a present to the person whose name is put in the frame for his room.

Name Letter Photo Frames via

Easy photo frames
You can use some old boards to create the frames.

Easy Photo Frames via

Small photo frames
The small wooden photo frames are cute.

Small Photo Frames via

Funky frame
It takes time on making the funky frame, but it won't fail you when you have a jig saw on the wall.

Funky frame via

DIY Photo Frame
It's an easy DIY photo frame for you to make and it can carry as many photos as possible at once. The frame is simple and it just requires an empty frame, twines and some pins.

DIY Photo Frame via

No frame
It's not a frame but it stores photos.

No frame via

Strappy frame
It's a good idea to make a strappy frame for photos.

Strappy frame via

Flower frame
Put some paper frame made out of old newspaper to spice up the photo frame.

Flower frame via

Wooden photo frame
The wooden photo frames can also be the note holders.

Wooden Photo Frame via

Connected photo frames
Connect several photo frames and put photos on display.

Connected photo frames via

Jar for Photo Frame
Don't throw the old jars away. They can be recreated the photo frames as well.

Jar for Photo Frame via

Old Window for Photo Frame

Recreate the old window as the photo frame. So smart!

Old Window for Photo Frame via

Photo clipboards
The clipboards just need boards and pins so you can make them easily.

Photo clipboards via

Photo box
You can make a photo booklet for a person who can display it and put it in a wooden box.

Photo box via

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