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DIY Projects for the First Day of 20- DIY Ideas

What are your resolutions for the new year? As a handyman, you need to make more pretty things in 2018. As the new year comes to an end, you may want more ideas to create your home improvement. With Prettydesigns you can get inspiration from 25 DIY projects.

If you want to bring something green to your work or home, you can plant succulents for teacups to improve your environment. If you want to remember the happy moments of 2019, you can collect your photos and make some coasters. In the following post you will find fairly simple DIY projects for you.

Try them out and have fun with the DIY tutorials.

wire rings

wire rings

Wire rings over

DIY gift ideas

DIY gift ideas about

DIY photo canvas tutorials

DIY Photo Canvas tutorials about

DIY kid craft

DIY kid craft about

Resolutions in the bottle

Resolutions in the bottle above

table decoration

Table decoration over

stone pendant

Stone pendant over

Teacup succulents

Teacup succulents over

Photo coasters

Photo coasters over

Bulb vase for spring

Bulb vase for spring over


Yarn doll over

Personalized mugs

Personalized mugs over

Make a wall mirror

Make a wall mirror over

Exploding box

Exploding box over

Painted bottles

Painted bottles over

Homemade bath salts

Homemade bath salts over

Sweet lightbulbs

Sweet lightbulbs over

DIY light bulb aquarium

DIY light bulb aquarium about

Bulbs terrariums

Light bulb terrariums over

Lemon raspberry sugar scrub

Lemon raspberry sugar peel over

bottle lights

Bottle lights over

Heart shape headboard

Heart shape headboard over

Wine coasters

Wine coaster over

Wine cork craft

Wine Cork Crafts over

DIY painted feathers

DIY painted feathers over

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