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DIY Projects: Makeup Organizers

DIY Projects: Makeup Organizers

Last week I was busy looking for my favorite lipstick every morning. It drives me crazy and gives me a messy start to a day. I decided to organize my make-up and make-up tools well by some organizers. I collected some used bottles and used them to hold my makeup or makeup tools.

I continue to do other makeup organizers to fix my makeup products. I find some useful DIY projects on the Internet and will share them with you.

Check out the following post. You can find practical DIY projects to create your own makeup organizers who can decorate the rooms and organize your makeup well.

Painted brush holder

Paint brush holder over

DIY leather makeup brush holder

DIY leather makeup brush holder over

Mason jar makeup holder

Mason jar makeup holder over

Simple brush organizer

Simple brush organizer over

Brush holder with glitter

Brush holder with glitter over

Simple brush holder

Simple brush holder over

Stylish brush holder

Stylish brush holder over

Crystal Brush Holder

Crystal brush holder above

DIY chevron organizer

DIY Chevron Organizer via

Organized board

Organized board over

Blue chalkboard

Blue board over

Magnet makeup board

Magnet makeup board over

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