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DIY Vintage Hairstyle Tutorials

DIY Vintage Hairstyle Tutorials

From almost famous to super sexy, these 30 vintage hairstyles are totally hot! Check out these gorgeous vintage hairstyles below and follow the instructions to create your favorite hairstyles at home!

Vintage hairstyle tutorial for long hair: Old Hollywood Giant Roller Waves

Old Hollywood giant roller shafts
Hot rollers are magical. Get the tutorial here.

Vintage wedding hairstyle: Anne Shirley's Gibson Tuck

Gibson Tuck by Anne Shirley
Here you will find directions.

Brigitte Bardot's Half-Up Bouffant over contempt

Brigitte Bardot's half-up bouffant on contempt
Tutorial here.

Ronettes-Esque beehive

A Ronettes-Esque beehive
Get this epic beehive look here.

Bettie Pages Teased Baby Bangs

Bettie's Page & # 39; s Teased Baby Bangs

Betty Grables scarf updo

Betty Grables scarf updo
Tutorial here.

Glamorous curls from Billie Holiday

The glamorous curls from Billie Holiday
Watch the video here.

This more subtle twist on classic victory throws is super adorable and fairly easy to create.

Get the guide to The Freckled Fox.

Vintage hairstyle tutorial: Lauren Bacalls waves

Lauren Bacall's waves
Check out the tutorial here.

Hairstyle Tutorial: Jackie O. & # 39; s Flippy Bob



Nancy Drew must have followed exactly the same steps to get this look. Get the tutorial here.

Hair tutorial: romantic disheveled garden party hair

Romantic tousled garden party hair
Directions on the Sephora blog.

Vintage Hairstyle Image Tutorial: A simple 1940's pinback hairstyle

A simple 1940s pinback hairstyle
Tutorial here.

An Audrey Hepburn-Esque High Chignon

An Audrey Hepburn-Esque High Chignon
You are so chic Get the tutorial here.

Hairstyle tutorial: Joan Holloways Chignon

Joan Holloways Chignon

Vintage hairstyle for medium length hair: Brigitte Bardot's Messy Beehive

Brigitte Bardot's messy beehive
Here you will find directions.

Lena Hornes winning roles

Lena Hornes winning roles
youtube.com / Via vixen-vintage.com
Watch the YouTube tutorial here.

Vintage hairstyle for African American women: Beauty Queen Beehive

Beauty queen beehive
Watch the video tutorial here.

1920s faux bob

A faux bob from the 1920s
The full instructions can be found here.

1920s inspired finger waves

04-Finger Waves Photo

Finger waves are difficult to master, but they are breathtaking. I like that with this tutorial you just wave forward and save time and frustration.

Find out more at Two happy hearts.

Vintage hairstyle for shoulder-length hair: 1920s Marcel Wave

A Marcel wave of the 1920s
Throw up a few pearls and you're done. Here you will find directions.

Beehive hairstyle


Learn how to recreate this amazing baby beehive from the Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 show in Paris.(Photo by Felix Wong)

Find the video with instructions on Flare.

A romantic neck hairstyle from the 1930s

A romantic neck hairstyle from the 1930s
behind thechair.com
Directions here.

Relapse to the 1930s


This half up, half down vintage look is just adorable.

Recreate it with a little guide from Twist Me Pretty.

Vintage hairstyle for long hair: an updo of the 1930s bride

A bridal updo from the 1930s
Complete tutorial here.

Librarian Chic Bob in the late 30s / early 40s



This hairstyle requires a sponge roller set.

Vintage hairstyle for black women: A 1940s War Curly Bob

A 1940s curly bob
Hello, sailor! Get the tutorial here.

1940s hair tutorial

These twists are nice and tight on the scalp as I have learned that real victory throws should be.

The step-by-step instructions can be found in the Glitter Guide.

A pompadour from the 50s

A pompadour from the 50s
Follow the instructions here.

Sandra Dee's ponytail from the 1950s

Ponytail from the 1950s by Sandra Dee
Check out the tutorial here.

Vintage hairstyle for long straight hair: a half-up bouffant from the 1960s

A half-up bouffant from the 1960s
Directions here.

Vintage hairstyle for black women with long hair: a braided shell cut from the 1970s

Braided bowl cut from the 1970s
Instant bangs! Get the tutorial here.

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