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Doutzen Kroes Hairstyles

Doutzen Kroes always looks so perfect in public with her stunning long curls. Whether it's a simple ponytail, extra large waves, or side braids, she has managed to beautifully wear all types of hairstyles for her fans around the world. For the girls who want to keep their glamorous look, we've put together their three successful red carpet looks for you here with our photos below!

Structured waves

Structured waves

If you want to copy this glamorous look, blow dry your hair in loosely twisted sections and you'll experience these romantic waves after you've brushed through your hair. Finally, use some hair products to add more textures and definitions.

Side braid hairstyle

Allow your damp hair to air dry to maintain natural textures in your hair, then make it a side braid over one of your shoulders. Gently pull your curls up for a casual-chic style.

Low wavy ponytail

First create a midsection, pull your long curly hair back into a smooth, low ponytail at the nape of your neck, and finish off this hairstyle with a hairspray. You can define it with your fingers in a polished shape and style.
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