Minimalist Bar Earrings with Chain Dangle Earrings 925 .


In the case of earrings, all pieces of jewelry that can be attached to the ear or earlobe are counted. In addition to the widespread earplugs popular with women and men, hoops and ear clips are particularly popular.

Classification of the earrings category

Earrings are very popular with women because they can frame the face very nicely.

Popular types of earrings

It is available in different shapes and colors as well as in different materials.

Ear clips

Clip earrings are suitable for all women who do not have pierced ears, as they can be attached to the earlobes like a clip, which can sometimes lead to uncomfortable pressure points on the skin.

Stud earrings and earrings

Studs and hanging earrings can only be worn with ear holes, as they are attached by inserting them through the ear hole. Earrings are usually made of silver or gold and are

often decorated with stones, whether diamonds, colored stones or rhinestones.

Shapes and motifs

The most diverse shapes are designed, for example the classic plugs, where the motif is located directly on the earlobe. This can include

    • blossoms
    • star
    • Triangles or
    • Globules

his. Particularly popular and timeless

With hanging earrings, however, the motifs dangle up to several centimeters, usually with many stones and artistic ornaments. But you see that often

  • round tires or
  • simpler graphic motifs such as circles or squares.

Men mainly wear silver earrings in the form of small studs or rings.

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