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Easy Brown Hairstyles

Easy Brown Hairstyles

There has never been a better time to be a brunette. We have been told for years that blondes are more fun, but now a revolution is starting on the red carpets and runways and conquering the fashion world. It is official; Brown hair is in. Much of the rise of brunette hair to the forefront of trends is due to the popularity of Ombre. balayage and dip dye; Styles that are proven to work perfectly Brown hair. If you decide to change this spring and get tanned, you can find yourself in an exclusive club alongside Kate Moss, Beyoncé, and Jennifer Lopez. Maybe you're already a sultry brunette, but you're getting bored with your dim shadow and want to freshen things up this season? Regardless of your current hair situation, you're sure to be inspired by these simple and pretty brunette hairstyles.

Ombre Waterfall Braid for girls

The waterfall network has something very bizarre. This subtle hairstyle looks like it wasn't out of place in a romantic fairy tale. A braid like this is designed to be worn with shabby hair, so you can give some structure to long, flowing curls. The golden and dark brown ombre beautifully balances this hairstyle.

Ombre waterfall braid


Mass of braids

The only thing that could be better than a giant braid is a giant braid made of braids! A complicated hairstyle like this is surprisingly easy to recreate. All you have to do is a little effort and some dedicated braiding.

Fishtail braid


French braids

Pigtails are no longer just for school girls. These stunning braids are a thoroughly modern and stylish update for a classic look, and the best thing about it? They are easy to do! Simply start your braids directly on the crown for an elaborate finish. (Check out these step-by-step tutorials here.)

Double braids


The princess jasmine

Hairstyles aren't much more gorgeous than this. Get inspired by Disney's Princess Jasmine by tying super long, voluptuous curls into a long braid and shaping the crown into a beehive shape.

Dull braids


French role

This completely smooth French braid is big and chic. A sixties-inspired up-do like this is perfect for any formal event where you need to look elegant. It goes particularly well with this rich chocolate shade and the cute flower accessories.

Elegant updo


Balayage curls for medium hair

You don't have to do any complicated refreshing to make your brunette hair look beautiful. Let your locks loose and carefree to really bring this beach baby style to life. Caramel brown balayage tones intensify the waves.

Highlighted waves


Chignon side

We never thought that a simple bun like this could ever look so incredible. Add a few twists to your rich chocolate locks and tie them aside to get the perfect boho-chic bun.

Pretty side bun


Shiny short pixie cut for women

The shade of brown in this pixie crop is about as dark as brown. Together with a hint of honey blonde, it makes this edgy haircut look shimmering and shiny. More current short hairstyles for women can be found here.

Curly short hair


Curly up-do

A disheveled up-do like this is the ultimate cool girl hairstyle. Although this chic, chaotic style looks chic and stylish, it's incredibly easy to get to. Take some time to mess around with your curls and pin them down once you've found a style that you're happy with. Adding the flower clip looks adorable.

Chaotic updo with flowers


Braided up-do

We all know how beautiful ombre can look on long, flowing hair, but we rarely see what it can look like when everything is styled. This up-do is a mass of complicated braids, all of which are bundled and pinned together. We think it looks beautiful and is suitable for any occasion.

Creative bun


Perfect spiral

Here's another incredible example of ombre brunette locks that have been processed into a braided up-do. This beautiful mass of braids goes one step further by adding a swirling spiral.

Seed Roll


Loose braids

These scruffy braids are cool, carefree, and absolutely hippie-chic. The trendy hairstyle is beautiful, but the deep mahogany brown tone is really the focus.

Braided updo


bride style

Do you have a big event ahead of you and have to look extremely elegant? This super slim chignon is suitable for a bride or even a ballerina.

Low bun


Medium length curls

Leave your tight curls so big and bouncy when you really want to flaunt your natural beauty. This look is incredibly simple. Simply push back two sections of hair to open your facial features and make your curls a little more manageable.

Kinky curls


Unicorn braids

It's easy to see how unicorn braids deserve their name. This elaborate procedure is perfect if you want to wear your hair stacked high while still looking smooth and polished. Not a single hair is out of place in this perfect unicorn braid, and the deep color makes it shine.

Mohawk hair


Waterfall waves

The hair doesn't get much silky or smooth than these beautiful brunette waves. The waterfall braid subtly enhances the overall look, but it's these touchable curls we can't get enough of.

Black wavy hair


Beehive braids

Thin, intricate braids encircle the beehive and bun in this hairstyle to make them stand out even more. We love the rich color and sexy silhouette of the sixties.

Great bun


Perfect ponytail

Stand out your ponytail by adding gorgeous jump waves to the length. Don't forget to tie it high up on your head to demonstrate your bone structure.

High ponytail



Regardless of your natural hair texture, you can add depth and body by curling curls in length. Tie your medium-length locks in a relaxed, half-up and half-down style, and sweep everything aside to complete the look.

Curly locks


Magical waterfall network

This is one of the most beautifully designed waterfalls that we have ever seen. You need a lot of thick brunette hair to restore this look, tied diagonally across the back in a meandering, intricate design.

Waterfall braid


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