21 Simple and Cute Hairstyle Tutorials You Should Definitely Try

Easy Hairstyle Tutorials

The spring comes! It's time for you to enjoy the breeze and sunshine, so you can just take off your hat and let the locks fly in the air. Don't forget to take care of your long hair though, as you will complete your new seasonal look with the long, healthy hair.

To maintain healthy hair, we recommend applying the oil to the long curls twice a week. You can also gently make clean hair by shampooing. We believe that healthy and clean hair can always play the magic and give it a vital look. In addition, long hair can prepare for the different hairstyles for your daily occasions.

In this post, some ultra light hairstyle tutorials are selected for your daily life. They are versatile and beautiful, so that they can not only spice up your hair look, but also complement your look, no matter what time of year you are. In addition, the hairstyles are easy to learn. There are braided hairstyles, ponytails and buns.

You can wear the braided hairstyles for a wedding reception or cocktail party; You can complete your glasses look with a top bun or a low bun. You can also play some hair tricks to get your ponytail longer.

Try them out now and be inspired!

Rose braided hairstyle

Rose braided hairstyle

Rose braided hairstyle over

Casual long hair

Casual long hair over

Slim ponytail

Slim ponytail over

Loose bun

Loose buns over

Simple braid

Simple braid over


Topknot over

Braided bun

Braided bun over

Twisted bun

Twisted bun over

Low bun

Low bun via

Braided headband

Braided headband over

Wrap yourself around Braid

Wrap braid over

Twisted rope hairstyle

Twisted rope hairstyle over

Flat iron curls

Flat iron curls over

Short hairstyle without cutting

Short hairstyle without cutting over

Longer ponytail

Longer ponytail over

Rope braid ponytail

Rope braid over ponytail

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