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Easy Step by Step Hair Tutorials for Beginners  

Summer is too hot to wear long hair. You may have often thought of cutting your long hair short. However, you will feel upset when you come across some stylish hairstyles that are only styled with long curls. Actually, you don't have to chop your hair, but use some hair tutorials to create a cool and simple look for summer.

Today we're going to introduce you to some cool and simple hairstyles. It's time for you to keep your hands busy. The tutorials are easy to learn and it is good for you to practice. The step-by-step hair tutorials won't disappoint and can give you some useful hair tips.

Why not choose one of the tutorials and try one of the hairstyles? We are sure that they will spice up your summer outfits well.

Side ponytail

Side ponytail

Lateral ponytail over

Stylish hair

Stylish hair over

Simple bun

Simple bun over

Chaotic updo

Chaotic updo over

Top bun

Top bun over

Braided bun

Braided bun over

Summer twist

Summer twist over

Funny bun

Funny bun over

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