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Easy Stripe Nails for Beginners

To spice up the nail polishes, beginners can first paint some vertical and horizontal lines on the nails. However, vertical lines and horizontal lines create streak nail art. Stripe Nail Arts are not just several simple lines, but to combine the lines with other elements that are often used for manicure. The strips can create different shapes for nail art. In fact, strip nail art is easy for any beginner to do.

Here are 15 simple and cheeky streak nail tutorials for beginners to improve their polishes. Try them now and enjoy!

Black and white

The black stripes form the piano keys.

Black and white

Black and white over

Black and gold
They shine on the black polish, regardless of whether they are vertical or horizontal.

Black and gold over

Black and sliver
Multiple stripes create a number of triangles.

Black and sliver over

Rainbow stripes
The rainbow stripes are fresh and pretty.

Rainbow stripes over

The stripes are created by some bands.

Blue over

pastel nails
Dots and stripes form a pretty network.

Pastel nails over

Stripes and hearts
If you think the stripes are boring, you can add some hearts to them.

Stripes and hearts over

Black and gray
It is easy for you to paint black and gray stripes on the nails.

Black and gray over

Pretty nails
The beveled stripes can give an ultra-pretty polish.

Pretty nails over

If you have red polish, you can paint some gray lines on it for a stylish look.

Red over

Stripes with a twist

They are fun with lots of colorful stripes.

Stripe with a twist via

Amazing nails
The neon stripes are stylish and bright.

Amazing nails over

Sweet nails
It's so cute to add a few red hearts to the black stripe polish.

Sweet nails over

The nails shine brightly by filling golden glitter.

Sparkles over

Colorful stripes
The ombre network consists of colorful stripes.

Colorful streaks across

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