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Easy Ways to Make Elbow Patches

You don't want to get out because of the cold weather? You may have something to keep your hands busy at home, such as sewing. Find your old t-shirts or old sweaters and update them with stylish and adorable elbow patches. Then you don't have to spend a lot of money to spice up your winter wardrobe, and you can easily transform the old clothes into a new look by adding the elbow patches.

Here are 16 simple ways you can spice up your old clothes. Enjoy!

Heart Elbow Patch
Nothing beats a heart-shaped elbow patch to update your clothes.

Heart Elbow Patch

Heart elbow patch over

Knit elbow patches
You can also knit heart-elbow patches for the sweaters.

Knit over elbow patches

Funny elbow patches
You can actually make the elbow patches as fun as possible.

Funny elbow patches over

Elbow Patch Tutorial
The elbow patches look so soft due to the material.

Elbow patch with sequins over

Red heart elbow patches
The elbow patches do not have to be sewn. You can just glue the sequin chains.

Red Heart Elbow Patches Over

Elbow patch
Are the orange elbow patches so cute?

Elbow patch over

Elbow patches without sewing
It's so easy to follow the steps and create circular elbow patches without sewing.

Elbow patches without sewing over

elbow patches
The elbow patches are golden and go well with her hair tone.

elbow patches

Elbow Patch Tutorial

The elbow patches look so soft due to the material.

Elbow Patch tutorial about

Pointed elbow patches
Lace elbow patches give the denim shirt a casual look.

Lace elbow patches over

Tartan elbow patches
Don't throw away your tartan shirts. They can be cut into elbow patches.

Tartan elbow patches over

Star elbow patches
Make your elbow patches stars.

Star Elbow Patches Over

clothes Patches
Not only can you make patches for the elbow, but also for your shoulder.

Clothing patches over

Elbow patches with pink dots
The pink dots are so cute and pretty.

Elbow patches with pink dots over

Leather elbow patches
The leather elbow patches take some time to finish, but they are good and durable.

Leather elbow patches over

Cartoon elbow patches
If you want to add something fun to your sweater, consider cartoon elbow patches.

Cartoon elbow patches about

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