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Elegant Beehive Hairstyles

If you want to style a vintage look, you will find that a beehive hairstyle is the best choice. Beehive hairstyles can take you back to the 1960s, but they're still trendy and worn by many celebrities. Inspired by the vintage beehive hairstyles, the stylists rework the beehive hair and create cheekier hairstyles for women. When women wear a beehive hairstyle, it feels beautiful and vintage. Women go to a wedding reception or cocktail party with the beehive looks confident. Even on everyday occasions, women style a beehive with a headscarf for outgoing people.

Today we're picking up some beehive hair designs that you can check out. Choose one of them and create an elegant beehive look.

Vintage beehive

Vintage beehive over

Retro hair over

Beehive hair with lace over

Messy beehive hair over

Pretty hair over

Anne Hathaway Beehive Over

Cool beehive hair over

Beehive hair with side part over

Pretty beehive above

Salma Hayek Beehive Hair on

Jessica Alba Beehive Hair on

Beehive with ponytail over

Braided beehive over

Beehive hair with swept bangs over

Blonde beehive over

Morden Beehive over

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