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‘Eternal Love’ – The Inspirational Bridal

‘Eternal Love’ – The Inspirational Bridal Theme

This shoot in the bridal style is inspired by the timeless “Swan LakeBallet to create a unique, creative and luxurious wedding theme. The bride is styled straight from the P with feather couture dressesAris fashion show Runway, with three contrasting designs by celebrity designers Alin Le ’Kal, These impressive dresses were designed with a range of exquisite jewelry, designer shoes, millinery and highly fashionable beauty styles.

To show the royal aspect of "Swan Lake", the bride is crowned with "Gloria Grace". This masterpiece is an elaborately handcrafted millinery design by Viktoria Novak with rhodium-plated leaves and a series of clear Swarovski crystals that are covered with a luxurious metallic silver braid. For her second look, the bride wears a “Derby Pearl White” crown set with jewels, which has vintage pearls in ivory color and is decorated with a white satin braid.

While devoting ourselves to the ballet-inspired theme, we styled the bride in a classic ballet bun. This was accomplished by loosely sweeping her hair back into a detailed low-twist bun. With this reserved look, the bride styles her hair with one of her luxurious crowns. When she lets go and dances freely in her silk dress and short black plumage, her bun comes out and instead she shows a messy ponytail. Matching her pearl crown, the designer Alin Le & # 39; Kal wears an extravagant long veil, which is beautifully decorated with white pearl ornaments.

Throughout the day, the bride wears natural bridal makeup. When her hair is styled with pearl elements, the trend-setting bride wears different sized white pearls to stick on, which are applied to the inner corner of the eye to complement the look. When the black swan appears at night, her lip color deepens and her eyes are covered with smoky, winged shadows and glued-on black feathers.

The luxury wedding ring is a modern interpretation with a thin band filled with diamonds. This band fits perfectly under the magnificent halo-style engagement ring. As the bride puts on the pink feathered silk dress, she removes her diamond flower earrings and replaces them with a striking flower earring design. She dances all day in various sparkling bracelets. When the sun goes down, it turns into a dark evening look to hug the black swan. For this evening look, the bride wears a black statement ring and drop earrings that perfectly match the mood of the last black feather dress.

Luxury could be seen as a perfect synonym for the theme of "Eternal Love". For this reason, the luxurious bridal details do not end with designer dresses, crowns and jewelry alone. Covered with sparkles from head to toe, the bride takes her first steps as a newlywed woman in shimmering crystal designer bridal shoes from Sophia Webster.

The bridal theme "Eternal Love" was brought to life by a creative team of the leading experts in the industry. We hope this pioneering wedding style and theme has inspired you to take on a touch of creative and couture opulence on your special day!

Provider List

Photography / Art Directions: Sephory Photography http://sephoryphotography.com.au @sephoryphotography

Clothes: Alin Le ’Kal https://alinlekal.com/ @alinlekal

Shoes: Sophia Webster https://sophiawebster.com @sophiawebster

Crown: Viktoria Novak https://viktorianovak.com.au @viktorianovak

Invitations: Decorate invitations https://adorninvitations.co.uk @adorninvitations

flowers: Chloe Lashay Floristry https://www.chloelashay.com/ @chloelashayfloristry

Jewellery: Temelli Jewelery http://www.tj.net.au/ @temellijewellery

Skin care: LUIERE https://luiere.com @luiereau

Form: Suzy Sela http://www.suzysela.com/ @suzyselamakeup

Hair: Coco Mane http://www.cocomane.com.au/ @coco_mane

Cake: Mary eats cake https://www.maryeatscake.com.au/ @maryeatscake

Ballerina / Model: Darcie Keil @darcishka

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