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Fabulous Striped Nail Art Ideas

There is always a way to combine simplicity and style – to make stripes. This applies not only to the clothing trends for women, but also to our nail designs. Plus, it doesn't take long and you can wear the striped nails for just about any occasion. If you are a busy woman, the striped nails are the best solution for you. Take a look today at 17 fantastic ideas for striped nail art with our pictures below!

In general, the stripe patterns would remind us of the refreshing nautical style. To make your striped nails look more special, you can use some nice shapes like hearts, small triangles, flowers, animal motifs and polka dots. Apart from the classic black and white look, it is not a bad idea for you to play with a bit of color magic and the ombre technique. I bet these bright colors can add a full definition for your next nail look. In addition, some embellishments such as rivets, gemstones and glitter can make your striped nail design more beautiful.

Black and white striped nail art

Black and white striped nail art via

Black gray and white stripes across

Blue Striped Nail Arts over

Blackboard striped nail art via

Classic black and white striped nail art via

Colorful striped nail art over

Colorful striped nail art over

Floral Striped Nail Art over

Green striped nail art via

Leopard and striped nail art via

Mint Striped Nail Art over

Nautical Stripes Nail Art over

Navy Striped Nail Art over

Pastel colored striped nail art via

Heart and striped nail art over

Water marble striped nail art via

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