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Fancy Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

If you want to give your hair a whole new look, braided hairstyles should definitely be at the top of the list. They have a wide range of types and styles and are always the best way to deal with long hair. With the braided strands you can create any pattern. For fine hair, a colorful ribbon or silk scarf can be woven in to increase the volume. Check out 28 fancy braided hairstyles for long hair 2016 in this post and get inspired!

Stylish braided hairstyle

Stylish braided hairstyle

Stylish braided hairstyle

Braided hairstyles are absolutely cool to create a stylish street look for girls. You can give your long hair more details and textures.

Braided hairstyles for long hair

Braided hairstyles for long hair over

Do you need a fancy hairstyle to update your look? Try different types of braids on your soft, long locks and you will be happy with the final style.

Braided ponytail hairstyle

Braided ponytail hairstyle over

Braided ponytails are great for summer hairstyles. Shape the front layers into two or three tiny braids in your long side bangs.

Chaotic updo with braid

Messy updo with braid over

You can always wear a messy updo for your casual everyday look. This time you can make a delicate braid over the adorable bun.

Braided ponytail hairstyle with headband

Braided ponytail hairstyle with headband

The braided ponytail looks even more attractive with an ornate headband over the head. There is also better control over short layers for your hairstyle.

Long hairstyle with a braid

Long hairstyle with a braid over

Small braids can be a great addition to any hairstyle. Put them over the ear and they create a nice profile for you.

Simple ponytail with a braid

Simple ponytail with braid over

With a proper design, the simple ponytail can also be used for your wedding look. The elaborate braid on the side gives this style a lot of glamor and elegance.

Messy bun hairstyle with braid

Messy bun hairstyle with braid

Messy buns are an ideal option to give young girls a contemporary, casual look. It looks extremely trendy on slightly wavy hair.

Messy bun hairstyle with braid

Messy bun hairstyle with braid over

It's absolutely stunning to create a Dutch braid for your messy bun hairstyle, creating a wonderful frame around your head.

Braided bun hairstyle

Braided bun hairstyle over

This messy bun hairstyle looks very special with all the colorful fabrics that are woven into the strands. It won't be too difficult to create for girls, it seems.

Messy braid ponytail

Messy Braid Ponytail Over

Thanks to the hair designers, braided ponytails have never been as diverse and creative as this year. It's super cute to make this ponytail hairstyle look like bubbles by loosening the strands.

Braided half up half down hairstyle

Braided Half Up Half Down Hairstyle Over

A flattering way to deal with the very long hair is to make a braided crown or long braid with the top layers. You can finally arrange it in a special pattern of your own design.

Lacey braid hairstyle

Lacey Braid Hairstyle Over

This braided hairstyle looks really great with a beautiful lace pattern over the head. Broken layers have given the entire style a natural and casual atmosphere.

Loose braid ponytail

Loose braid ponytail over

Side braided hairstyles are one of the hottest trends for women this year. They have a chunky, voluminous shape and strands pulled out everywhere.

Braided updo hairstyle

Braided updo over

There's nothing more inviting than a fishtail braid updo for pretty girls. The long front layers become free to fall around the face.

Braided half hairstyle

Braided Half Up Hairstyle Over

Girls have endless ways to create a braided hairstyle. For today you can make small braids on two sides and connect them to a cross pattern on the crown.

Hippie Braid Hairstyle TutorialI

Hippie Braid hairstyle tutorial about

Do you want to create a hippie style for your summer look? I guess braids do you a big favor and you can do three braids on the sides and back.

Messy Braid ponytail hairstyle

Messy Braid Ponytail Hairstyle Over

The messy braided ponytail has always been a great option for a relaxed beach look. Pull out some threads to create a comfortable and casual atmosphere.

Fishtail braid ponytail

Fishtail braid ponytail over

The chunky fishtail side braid hairstyle is one of the hottest looks this season. It has a flattering, voluminous shape and feathered tips in the body.

Hippie braid hairstyle

Hippie braid hairstyle over

It will have an extraordinary look to have different types of braids on your head. Pin them back with a few barrettes.

Messy segmented ponytail

Messy segmented ponytail over

We can always get some exciting inspiration from the runways. The ponytail offers a wide range of styles and looks that you have never imagined.

Braided half updo

Braided half updo over

Another new idea for the braided hairstyle is to create a braided half updo that gives your hair a lot of elegance and grace.

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