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Fantastic Bob Haircuts with Bangs

It's really a big deal when you decided to cut your long hair short. Before you meet your stylist, you should know exactly what type of hair you want. You can look at many different styles to find out which hairstyles you are under. When making the final decision, you should also consider your face shape. But if you want to keep bangs with your new hairstyle, the whole process becomes easier.

Cut textured bowl

Cut textured bowl

The interesting shell cut remains an important part of the memory of our childhood. Depending on its tousled look and choppy ends, it should be a low-maintenance hairstyle.

Choppy chic

As we all know, the choppy hair can be adapted to any face shape. It's an absolutely individual hairstyle and you can finish it off with beautiful, blunt-cut bangs.

The peekaboo look

This cute hairstyle is based on a long elf with showy bangs in the front. You may need to go to the salon regularly to keep your bangs in the right length.

Side swept Bob

The basic bob cut can give you an effortlessly cool look without adding too much intrigue to your hair. It is really a permanent style for all women.

The graduate

The graduate bob has a super short cut on the back and lots of layers all over the head. You can define it as cool and modern-chic as you like.

Cute crop with micro pops

I bet not everyone dares to wear micro bangs for their super short length. You would present your facial features with full attention, making them a perfect match for your shortcut.

half Falke

Half a falcon hairstyle has very short hair on one side and a much longer length on the other. It's a pretty interesting and trendy look for any young teenage girl.

Curly Hawk

Curls can give a falcon hairstyle a strong feminine and mature feel and make it look incredibly chic. It may not be suitable for an office look, but it is really perfect for street style.

Short waves

Waves give many textures for a bob haircut. You can even keep it longer and define it with stylish short layers.


The pixie cut is considered one of the most famous short hairstyles and is popularized by some celebrities worldwide. Good news is that it is very easy to maintain and style.
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